Thank you letter from our CEO to all Minster Care Group Staff for your support during the COVID-19 crisis

To all colleagues, service users and relatives,

Minster Care would like to reassure all residents at our homes, their families, our staff and visitors that we are continuing to strictly adhere to the NHS Guidelines regarding the COVID-19 outbreak.

During this unprecedented crisis, we acknowledge that it is an exceptionally challenging time for our care homes, particularly for the staff who are working around the clock to ensure residents continue to be provided the best care, with as little interruption as possible to their daily routines.

We also understand, with deep sympathy, that this has been a difficult time for relatives, who have been unable to visit family members at the homes in order to protect all residents. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all relatives for being understanding and for continuing to coordinate with staff members during this extremely challenging period.

The past weeks have seen our staff members – managers, carers, activities coordinators, domestic, kitchen and maintenance staff alike – rising to the occasion and approaching this challenging time with a positive, can-do attitude. This has been showcased in many ways, including staff coming up with innovative ways for relatives to stay in touch with their family members through social media and telephone calls, and in taking over shifts or assisting in multiple ways, sometimes beyond the scope of their own job role.

As this is an uncertain time, we would also like to extend the opportunity to those seeking either employment, additional hours, or who are simply looking to help our carers with the workload, to apply for carer positions with our Minster homes. The homes can be approached directly and Minster can offer a First Check DBS, to start people straight away without delay.

As the crisis continues, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to all staff who are pulling their weight and who are continuing to make our care homes positive and happy places of residence, through all of this adversity. It has shown us that we are better united and that together, we can overcome this.

Yours Sincerely,

Mahesh Patel
CEO, Minster Care Group

Mission Statement

Minster Care Group is a leading care home provider, established with the goal of reshaping the care home experience of older people in the UK. With a rapidly ageing population, we understand the urgent need for care homes with a heart. We offer a comfortable and homely environment where service users can enjoy a good quality of life and be supported to make their own choices. We strive to provide a safe, friendly environment where the care is person-centred and we celebrate the diversity of our service users. We are especially focused on holistic care methods to maximise service users’ potential – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Chief Executive's Statement

Minster Care Group, at its core, is a family-run business with family values and has been providing high quality care services since 2004. We believe that the essence of quality care is defined by a good business sense. Operating in a competitive market, we understand the importance of listening to customers, meeting their needs and providing a reliable, value-for-money service.

Our highly experienced management team are fully committed to achieving our corporate objectives of the company. At the heart of this is our valued staff team who strive to provide the best possible care for our customers and a living experience that truly feels like being at home.

Mahesh Patel, CEO, Minster Care Management.

Our Quality Commitment

Within each home, the support team is led by a qualified and experienced manager. We support our staff through effective management, training opportunities and career progression.

Our commitment to providing our employees with appropriate training ensures that our service users are always looked after by experienced and well trained care professionals, who understand the needs of each individual. All of our homes are regularly rated by external inspectors and inspection reports are available here for each of our homes.

We provide support to staff and ensure they complete the requisite training plans. This in turn ensures that full training records are kept. In addition, all staff undergo regular reviews, where they are able to discuss future training needs and requirements to fulfill their roles within the home.

Our property team continually reviews and upgrades our homes to ensure the accommodation is maintained to a high standard and appropriately caters to the needs of service users.