Residential Care

Who needs Residential Care?

Residential Care is appropriate for older individuals that have low care needs. This means those individuals who are mostly independent but need assistance with certain daily tasks, for example eating, mobility or dressing. This type of care is suited for people who through age have become more frail and have trouble with certain tasks and would welcome an environment where they are given 24-hour support to live a happy and balance life.  

Our approach to Residential Care

Minster’s approach to residential care ensures that we try and maintain your independence for as long as possible. Our main goal is to provide a homely, secure setting where you feel comfortable. You will have the support of our dedicated staff team who will provide tailored care 24-hours a day. 

Before admission, our qualified team will undertake an assessment of your needs as well as gain a detailed life history, including your likes and dislikes, so that we can create a personalised care plan for you. This will be updated daily ensuring a tailored service from admission.  

Once we are assured that we can meet your needs, we would encourage you to visit so that you can get used to the environment and to see if it is somewhere you could call home. 


“From the start of my dad's care last August I have been thoroughly impressed with the professionalism from all staff at Broadgate House. The staff are as concerned about my well-being as his daughter with all the challenges I have had to face with dad's care, as they are my dad. They have been marvellous in their unfailing support for me and the Care Team are so kind and friendly to us all. They have tried to accommodate anything that my dad needs both mentally and physically including external support from professionals too. They appreciate his love of gardening and feeding the birds which gives him great pleasure. He has found a lovely friend who rooms next door to him and he and his lovely wife (who visits daily) have helped to enrich his days and enliven his spirit. He fights to maintain as much independence as possible and the home understands and encourages him. Thank you for helping him to settle into this new chapter of his life.”

Patricia F Daughter of Resident

“My overall experience of Three Elms from my first visit to have a look at the facilities to my mum moving in has been excellent. The care my mum is receiving is wonderful. All the staff, from management, cleaners, carers and everyone else who works there, made the whole transition for Mum moving from home into care as stress-free as it could be. According to Mum, the meals she has are very, very good and she enjoys them all. The activities and trips that are available are really good and Mum has had fun joining in. There is a great hairdresser on site who does a lovely job on Mum's hair. Our whole family are very pleased with the care my mum is receiving and couldn't ask for anything more.”

Julie P Daughter of Resident

“My mum came to live at The Meadows residential care home in September 2022. I can honestly say, as a carer myself for over 20 years, I am so happy for my mum. The carer and management staff could not do enough for her. The care is outstanding, the food is amazing, and nothing is ever too much trouble for them. They will always listen to Mum. She has put on weight and joins in all activities. I would recommend The Meadows home to anyone.”

Denise W Daughter of Resident

“When I visit my cousin he looks well, he is settled and happy. The overall care has led to a good level of health and well-being. The home has ensured that he has had the dental treatment needed, the right food, and that he has the right medication. There are regular reviews of his health and well-being. He is a vulnerable adult, however, the home has taken care to see that he is well looked after. My cousin enjoys the celebrations throughout the year and special events. He can choose what he wants to join in with. All of the staff that I have seen or spoken to have been helpful. The manager and deputy are accessible, approachable and helpful. This is a caring place. It is a pleasant place to visit, my cousin’s room is light and airy and nicely furnished. On his floor there is a small, pleasantly furnished sitting room with library books and there is a small kitchen so we can make a drink if we wish to. The home is very clean. My cousin is always smartly dressed.”

C M Cousin of Resident

“I have always found Thorley House to be clean, comfortable and very welcoming. The interactions between staff and residents are always pleasant and efficient even when they are unaware I can hear them. The catering staff are aware of my mother's likes and dislikes and find alternatives if it is something she does not like. The social side is excellent and if Mum does not go to something they know she likes they check up to make sure she has not forgotten. If Mum has a problem she speaks to management and is always happy with their handling of the situation.”

Christine S Daughter of Resident

“My mother-in-law was welcomed into Wealstone care home in January 2023 after a long battle with the local authorities to get her into residential care. She has mid-stage vascular dementia and was no longer able to live in her own home for safety reasons. We received a home visit from both the residential and dementia care managers prior to visiting Wealstone ourselves. On first impressions, the rooms are a little tired but are extremely clean and warm. Please don't let the decor put you off. The staff are wonderful and willing to help in any way to make the residents feel safe and cared for. The keywords here are being cared for! They willingly take time to chat, rectify or reassure family members on anything no matter how small. She has been in Wealstone for 6 weeks and refers to it as her home! She never mentions her old apartment or the friends left as she has new ones! Meals are excellent and she is now getting involved in activities and enjoying days out. Just wonderful!”

Claire O Daughter in Law of Resident

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