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As we step into April, it brings me immense joy to reflect on the extraordinary moments and achievements shared across our Minster Homes. Each story covers special memories filled with the spirit of compassion and togetherness that defines our care homes. In this edition, love was in the air as our residents celebrated Valentine’s Day in style. From art sessions to heartfelt cards, February was filled with beautiful moments of love and companionship. Lantern making, dragon painting, and delicious meals also brought the spirit of the Chinese New Year to our homes as well as Mother’s Day, which was a special occasion, marked by afternoon tea, melodies and handmade tokens of appreciation. At Minster Care Group, the well-being of our residents is a priority, and we love to emphasise wellness activities and experiences. From exercise classes to pampering sessions, we’re dedicated to enhancing daily experiences and assisting residents to live fulfilled lives. As we look ahead, to continue to cherish these moments of connection.