Dear all,

As you are aware, the national vaccination programme is continuing and, given our work to care for elderly and vulnerable residents, care home staff are in the government’s first priority group to receive the vaccine.

It is very reassuring that many of you have already received your first dose, and that most of those who needed to wait to receive their vaccine for specific personal reasons will be able to have their vaccine soon.

AsThe last year has been exceptionally challenging for all of you and I am proud of the effort and dedication you have shown. We must continue to protect our residents, and we know that any chance of this disease being present in a home must be incredibly distressing for them and their families. Knowing that the staff working in their home have been vaccinated will be a very welcome relief.

We also need to help you protect each other. As you know, looking after our residents is a team effort and each of you needs to be fit, healthy and physically able to attend work and give your best on each shift.

There have been some reports of people not wanting to receive the vaccine due to personal concerns and speculation. It is our company policy that we believe strongly that we must follow the recommendations of scientific experts and regulatory agencies, who have confirmed the vaccines available are safe and effective. It is all of our responsibility to protect those around us, especially our residents who are some of the most vulnerable in our society.

Vaccinations are the only option to be certain to protect your ability to work and to keep everyone safe. We are available to help address concerns any of you might have, and we are committed to helping each of you receive your vaccine as soon as you can.

We are here to help answer any questions you might have as we progress towards full vaccination, as well as a time when our residents will be able to see and speak to their loved ones in person again, which we know is invaluable to their wellbeing and mental health.

Thank you again for your dedication as we work to see an end to this crisis.

Kind regards,

Mahesh Patel
Chief Executive

For anyone concerned about vaccines, further information is available at: vaccine-and-fertility/

Mission Statement

Minster Care Group is a leading care home provider, established with the goal of reshaping the care home experience of older people in the UK. With a rapidly ageing population, we understand the urgent need for care homes with a heart. We offer a comfortable and homely environment where service users can enjoy a good quality of life and be supported to make their own choices. We strive to provide a safe, friendly environment where the care is person-centred and we celebrate the diversity of our service users. We are especially focused on holistic care methods to maximise service users’ potential – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Chief Executive's Statement

Minster Care Group, at its core, is a family-run business with family values and has been providing high quality care services since 2004. We believe that the essence of quality care is defined by a good business sense. Operating in a competitive market, we understand the importance of listening to customers, meeting their needs and providing a reliable, value-for-money service.

Our highly experienced management team are fully committed to achieving our corporate objectives of the company. At the heart of this is our valued staff team who strive to provide the best possible care for our customers and a living experience that truly feels like being at home.

Mahesh Patel, CEO, Minster Care Management.

Our Quality Commitment

Within each home, the support team is led by a qualified and experienced manager. We support our staff through effective management, training opportunities and career progression.

Our commitment to providing our employees with appropriate training ensures that our service users are always looked after by experienced and well trained care professionals, who understand the needs of each individual. All of our homes are regularly rated by external inspectors and inspection reports are available here for each of our homes.

We provide support to staff and ensure they complete the requisite training plans. This in turn ensures that full training records are kept. In addition, all staff undergo regular reviews, where they are able to discuss future training needs and requirements to fulfill their roles within the home.

Our property team continually reviews and upgrades our homes to ensure the accommodation is maintained to a high standard and appropriately caters to the needs of service users.