Lantern Making Extravaganza

At The Lakes, residents with the team had a fabulous day filled with creativity and cultural exploration. Our residents crafted their lanterns, and indulged delectable Chinese feast for lunch, featuring fortune cookies that added a touch of mystery. It sparked discussions about superstitions and even took a peek into the intriguing world of Chinese horoscopes.

 Fortune Cookies and Sweet Delights

The residents at New Milton House personalised fortune cookie inserts, each with uplifting messages. Residents continued the day making delicious banana fritters and refreshing lemonade.

  Crafty Lanterns and VR Fitness Fun

Carnbroe Care Centre residents enjoyed a blend of creativity and fitness as some of our ladies worked on stunning lanterns for the Chinese New Year. Meanwhile, others enjoyed an active session of chair exercises, adding a modern twist with VR headsets.

Themed Arts and Crafts

At Astbury Lodge, residents embraced the festive spirit with an arts and crafts session dedicated to decorating a majestic Chinese lion’s head.

Celebrating the Year of the Dragon

The residents loved celebrating the Year of the Dragon at the Elm House indulging in a variety of activities.