Cheaney Court

This week, the residents celebrated International Day of Pink with a splash of creativity! Our residents immersed themselves in painting, drawing, and writing in pink, all while discussing the importance of standing against bullying and supporting each other.

Carnbroe Care Centre

What a joyous afternoon was as the therapy ponies visited the home with their adorable companions, Flicker and Wilson.

Laughter,cuddles, and cherished moments were shared by residents, staff and visitors. Pony therapy was a big hit !

Amberley House

Scone-making extravaganza !

The morning was filled with floury fingers as residents baked an assortment of scones, from plain to cheese to chocolate. Despite the mess, the fun was undeniable, and everyone pitched in to ensure clean hands before and after the delicious baking session.

Hourigan House 

Our residents poured their hearts into crafting reply cards for the children at Twelve Apostles today. With the guidance of our compassionate staff, heartfelt messages were penned, spreading warmth and kindness to the community. These cards will be hand-delivered to the school on Thursday, carrying our love and best wishes.

Grenville Court 

Everyone at the home celebrated National Banana Bread Day with a delightful baking session, together they baked aromatic banana bread loaf to enjoy with their coffee.