Emmanuel House was featured on BBC Look North, for its pet therapy sessions with Furry Friends. The telecast features residents interacting with ponies, rabbits and a tortoise from the Furry Friends animal therapy.

Animal therapy is one of the most liked activities in our lifestyle activities programme at Minster Homes. The interaction with animals in the home has been calming for our residents and they love the experience. The residents’ interaction with the animals gives them a sense of companionship, sparks memories, and helps their overall well-being

The Furry Friends animal therapy is a frequent visitor to Emmanuel House. The service connected with the home to collaborate for a video featured on BBC Look North. This video highlights the beautiful moments shared between residents and animals, and sheds light on the wider benefits that enhance the lives of our residents. The Furry Friends animal service visited the home with therapy ponies, rabbits, a baby tortoise and a snake. The animals greeted all the residents receiving lots of cuddles in return.

As the team member at Emmanuel House says in the video “We all love a cuddle”, spending time with these animals truly sparked joy and uplifted the moods of the residents. We strive to bring in therapeutic and recreational activities to enhance the overall experience for our residents.