This festive week at Holcroft Grange has been filled with joy, laughter, and heartwarming moments as we celebrated the spirit of Christmas with our wonderful residents. Here’s a glimpse into the festive cheer :

Pampering Session: Our lovely ladies kicked off the week with a pamper morning, indulging in delightful nail painting sessions accompanied by the sparkle of Bucks Fizz.

Furry Friends and Christmas Joy: Lexi, our adorable therapy pet, spread joy among the residents, receiving heartwarming Christmas presents.

Gospel Choir Extravaganza: The air was filled with the soul-stirring melodies of a Gospel Choir, enchanting our residents and creating a truly magical atmosphere.

Handcrafted Christmas Tree: Residents showcased their creativity by crafting a beautiful Christmas tree for Newchurch Parish Church’s festival. Every ornament and decoration was made with love and care.

Elf Day Fun: Staff members embraced the holiday spirit with Elf Day, spreading joy and laughter throughout Holcroft Grange.

Christmas Fayre Delight: Our Christmas Fayre was a big-time success, bringing together residents, staff, and the local community for a day of enjoyment.