Welcome to Cheaney Court’s lifestyle activities programme. Our care homes emphasise offering an overall enhanced experience in care. It is not just a place for residing but a hub of engaging and rejuvenating activities that keep our beloved residents active, joyful, and connected.

Innovative Sensory Room: A Journey of the Senses

Every Tuesday is a Tranquility Tuesday, in the sensory room residents engage in sensory experiences to promote relaxation and engagement. Equipped with an array of textures, lights, and sounds, this space serves as a retreat for our residents. With an emphasis on well-being, our sensory room offers a unique opportunity to rejuvenate through a blend of technology and mindfulness.

Slow Movement: A Ball and a Goal

This is one of the recent activities that has been this tabletop game introduced by the team, keeping residents active in activities that enhance cognition. Watch the video of our residents in action as they engage in the game.

Chair Workout : Promoting Physical Well-being

Igniting the spirit of health and fitness, the residents are introduced to regular sessions of chair workouts. Tom, a visiting professional, makes it fun and engaging. It brings joy and excitement amongst residents as they put a lot of effort into achieving the set targets.