Care Homes for Dementia Patients

Are you looking for a care home for someone with dementia? Deciding to have a loved one admitted into a care home is not an easy decision to make, especially when they’ve been diagnosed with a complex condition like dementia. However, when the needs of your loved one cannot be met at home, our care homes specialising in dementia might be able to assist with meeting their needs.

Minster Care Group is a leading provider of dementia care homes in the UK. We are dedicated to providing our patients and their loved ones with an excellent living experience at our homes. We strive to provide our patients with an environment in which they can enjoy a good quality of life. Our purpose-built homes, curated activities, clear signage and caring staff are all part of our endeavour to help our residents age with dignity.

Our dementia care homes provide patients with that home-away-from-home feeling. Our household model encourages interaction amongst residents and staff which results in better understanding, continuity of care as well as building trust.

Our holistic approach caters to our residents’ spiritual, physical and emotional needs. We provide residents with opportunities to take part in activities that they enjoy, both alone and in the company of other residents and staff. You can be sure that your loved one won’t run out of things to keep them busy. 

Our staff includes highly qualified individuals committed to providing patients with the best quality in care. We support our staff by providing training opportunities, effective management as well as career progression.
If you want the best care for your loved one, get in touch with us. We’d be happy to arrange a visit to
any of our nursing dementia care homes.