Residents' Charter

It is intended that the range of services provided here will enable you to go on living a fulfilling life, despite any restrictions brought about by ill health or the ageing process.

The staff will support you to retain your individuality; this means that you can expect to:

  • Be consulted about the care and support you need and plan it in partnership with staff
  • Have reasonable access to all information held about you
  • Be able to participate in regular reviews of your life plan
  • Have your affairs dealt with confidentially and your privacy respected
  • Always be treated with kindness, courtesy and respect
  • Be able to receive visitors at any reasonable time
  • Have opportunities to fulfil your spiritual needs and to follow the religion or belief of your choice
  • Receive medical and nursing care in private
  • Be provided with comfortable and clean accommodation
  • Bring personal items into the Home – subject to them being safe
  • Bring your pet with you, as long we believe that appropriate and acceptable arrangements can be made for it’s care and it doesn’t adversely affect other persons
  • Be cared for by properly trained staff
  • Be safeguarded from discrimination on any grounds whether it be age, disability, gender, sexuality, race, language or religion
  • Have opportunities to fulfil your emotional and social needs
  • Be able to comment freely on, or complain about any aspect of the services provided, through informal or formal channels
  • Be kept safe from unwanted or unplanned risk
  • Participate fully in all aspects of citizenship, including the political process
  • Be involved in all decision making about your care, support and finances
  • Be offered choice and control in all that you do
  • Be encouraged to live a lifestyle that is familiar, comfortable and safe
  • Be encouraged to explore and maintain your skills, abilities and interests