04 January 2022

Learn about our Residential care homes and facilities

Residential Care Homes in the UK

Having to move into a care home may feel like a last-resort situation and an unwelcome upheaval from daily life. This can be an off-putting and often daunting prospect for many who require care, particularly for individuals who have enjoyed and thrived off their independence. However, rather than approaching having to go into a care home as an unexpected curveball that’s been thrown at you, at Minster, we encourage you to look at entering our residential care homes as a well-deserved break. One where you can enjoy the fruits of your labour and be attended to and cared for, like you deserve. We want our residents to feel like moving into one of our care homes is a second lease of life and can take on a new and positive meaning. A new life where independence is not lost but one where they can bask in the enjoyment of bespoke care whilst forming new and meaningful relationships.

Our homes provide personalised care for all our residents, whilst giving individuals the freedom to decide how they are cared for. From personalising your individual rooms to picking your meals for the day and choosing from our list of person-centred activities, service users at our residential care homes take the wheel, with the support and care provided by our trained, caring staff.

All Dementia residential care homes under Minster Care Group offer highly specialised residential care services. We appreciate the fact that every resident is an individual who has unique requirements. This is why we offer personalised care plans for residents and ensure that they are regularly reassessed to cater for changing needs. With Minster Care Group, you can expect the highest quality companionship and residential care for your elderly loved one. With the strong bonds that exist within our community, you can rest assured that our residential care homes are just an extension of your family.

Dementia Elderly Care Homes

Our residential care homes have trained staff that are not only attentive but respectful to the needs of every resident. This means that they strive to understand the residents and help them enjoy their stay in the care home. At Minster Care Group, we always have the best interests of our residents at heart, which is very crucial to quality residential care.

Person Centred, Professional Residential Care Services:

The best Dementia residential care homes offer personalised services to their clients. And Minster’s homes are no exception. Our homes provide the usual comforts that one might find in their own home, such as comfortable armchairs, warm fireplaces, beautiful gardens, well-cooked meals and friendly, welcoming staff. Our residents also have the independence of being able to plan their own days. This means that they decide when to have their breakfast or go to bed, and we ensure they have 24-hour support at hand. We also have all the facilities that are needed to offer the highest level of care.

Being one of the best groups providing residential care homes in the UK, Minster Care offers a wide range of events and activities that our older residents can attend during their leisure time. The majority of our homes also have beautiful gardens with the opportunity for gardening activities, as well as peaceful strolls or picnics with loved ones.

We have excellent kitchen staff who prepare delicious, nutritious and personalised meals for each of our residents three times a day, with snacks and drinks being available at all hours of the day. To find out more about our residential care, visit your nearest Minster Care Group home and meet the residents as well as the staff.