01 January 2022

Learn about our dementia residential care homes

Dementia Care Homes UK

Dementia is on the rise, not just in the UK but around the world. With a significantly ageing population and this being more prevalent in the UK, there is a growing need for quality care needed to cater to individuals living with dementia. In response to this, the majority of our care homes offer dementia care, in addition to either residential or nursing care. Some of our homes cater for mild to moderate dementia needs, whilst others specialise in advanced dementia care.

Whatever the requirement of your loved one, there is an appropriate home for them here at our Minster Care Group dementia care homes.

Being diagnosed with dementia can feel very overwhelming and final. However, we firmly uphold the belief that living with dementia does not have to be a lonely experience, nor does it mean the end of a healthy and happy life. At Minster Care Group , we like to think we offer something special. Our expert team aims to support our residents and loved ones with the support and solace you require and help you navigate each step of the dementia journey.

Our friendly team of compassionate carers offer real understanding, a dignified lifestyle within a dementia community and 24 hour care every day.

Best Care Home in the UK

Our unique training programme gives them in-depth knowledge of the different stages and types of dementia, coupled with an insight into the experience of living with the condition and the complex nature of communication. With our care and nursing staff’s extensive experience, we aim to ensure that we provide our residents who are living with dementia empathy, continuity and consistency, in order to sustain their wellbeing.

Our residents’ needs are at the core of everything we do, from personalised care-planning to our delicious and nutritious meals. With this approach, our dementia care homes UK are what we consider amongst the best dementia care homes UK has to offer.

We place a strong emphasis on making a positive impact on our residents’ lives, both in the care we provide and the quality of our homes. That commitment is visible in the special environment we offer, with its calming atmosphere and feeling of safety that gives our residents the reassuring comfort of home.

In fact, every single aspect of our homes is catered to preserving the security, dignity and independence of people living with dementia, and making their lives more joyful and fulfilling.