28 December 2021

Steps to choosing a nursing home for an older person


At Minster’s nursing homes, we understand that it can be upsetting for seniors to move away from home. It is equally daunting for an older person as it is for their family member or loved one. This is why Minster Care’s nursing homes ensure there is something for everyone. With our personalised care plans, you can be sure that your elderly loved ones will receive the support and care that they really need, and that their choices and independence will be maximized. Our nursing home UK staff members will strive to know the likes, dislikes, and hobbies of every resident to ensure that they enjoy their life in our home.

Discovering that your loved one needs to go into one of the many UK nursing homes can be very overwhelming. As you’ll likely be bombarded with a tonne of new information to make the tough decision of picking the right nursing home, you’ll want to ensure that you choose a home with not only great services and staff, but one that can cater amply for your loved one’s needs. At Minster’s nursing homes, you can be sure of exactly that and more.

Our UK nursing homes employ nurses with several years of dementia nursing experience. Our homes provide an environment that is comfortable and homely and are about much more than providing round the block care. We are committed to ensuring residents have a good quality of life and retain as much independence as they can, whilst providing them top-notch care to suit their individual needs.

We offer services that are people-centred and holistic. Every one of the nursing and nursing dementia care homes in our portfolio is purposefully designed to encourage independence for residents. We are strong believers that regular social interaction amongst residents and staff helps to foster trust and a family spirit, whilst also helping decrease the symptoms of cognitive decline. We encourage residents to start new relationships and take part in activities they enjoy.

Our appointment-booking system on our website makes it easy for you to schedule a tour of one of our several nursing homes that you might be interested in. Speak to a member of our staff and feel free to talk to residents at our nursing homes and take in the surroundings. We know that deciding on the perfect nursing home isn’t an easy decision to make. Take all the time you need to make your decision. We are here to assist you at any point along the way.

For more information on Minster’s nursing care homes, have a look at our full care home listing on our website.

The best UK nursing homes are dedicated to serving residents with respect and dignity. They also strive to ensure that every senior under their care feels happy and at home. Moreover, they provide hospitality and service that is above their competitors’. The best nursing homes have great staff who pamper residents with high-quality care. All staff in the homes should be prepared and well trained to a level of attention and professionalism that is of the highest standards.

Choosing the Right Nursing Home for Elderly in the UK:

Security and Safety:

The best nursing homes should have well-maintained equipment, and the managers must look for ways of enhancing safety within the facility. We want our residents to feel safe and secure in our home. The nursing homes staff should be equipped with the skills required to make the facility and the residents safe. The elderly must be protected from being abused, harassed, harmed, or bullied. The staff should also be able to deal with accidents and incidents openly and quickly.

Nursing care is specialised care that caters to older individuals who need 24-hour assistance with personal living needs and medical needs. This may include seniors who require intensive rehabilitative care, for instance after a stroke, people who require peg feeding, individuals with long-term medical conditions, and those with physical disabilities. At Amicura, we offer senior healthcare nursing services in our nursing care homes. We pride ourselves on providing premium quality care while ensuring that our residents feel comfortable and live independently.

Personalized Care:

At Minster, we celebrate life and ensure the people that we support do so too. We ensure each individual’s needs are specifically tailored and their care is specialised according to these individualised needs. Our nursing dementia care homes offer care services to older people who need support or those who are living with dementia. Some of our UK nursing home facilities have also been designed to cater to the needs of adults who might have a range of physical disabilities and mental health needs.


State of the art Nursing Care Facilities:

Minster’s UK nursing homes are equipped with all the facilities needed to cater for residents who have medical needs, and a variety of equipment to ensure mobility. The residents in our nursing homes have access to any support they might need, including medical assistance from qualified nursing and care staff, who are available at any time of day or night. We hope that this is particularly reassuring for the families of residents with more complex needs, as they will be looked after round-the-clock.


We offer a wide range of activities in all of our nursing care homes, with a dedicated Activities Coordinator planning and leading these activities. Our caring and dedicated staff members help in organizing activities that are tailored to satisfy the enjoyment needs of every individual. Our nursing home residents enjoy anything from gardening or horticultural therapy, to baking, gentle exercises, arts and crafts, music appreciation and many more.

Personalised Care:

We want our residents to feel at home at our EMI nursing homes, whilst also having the freedom to do the things they wish to do, regardless of their needs or disabilities. The staff should give the sick residents their medicines on time and ensure that they are stored safely and correctly. Our nursing homes UK always endeavour to involve either the resident or their family member in reviewing their medication, so that they are able to receive the care whilst feeling independent.

Final Words:

At Minster Care Group, we have years of experience helping the elderly transition to an EMI nursing home. We equip our clients with the knowledge that will help them make the right decisions. This way, you will feel less lonely as you handle the many challenges you might encounter when caring for your elderly loved ones. Our UK EMI nursing homes are staffed by caring and passionate professionals who are trained in working with the aged as well as identifying their unique preferences and needs. Contact us today to learn more about our services. We look forward to serving you!