04 February 2022

What Are The Benefits Of Being In a Care Home For Older People With Dementia?

Residential Care Homes in the UK

Receiving a diagnosis of dementia is understandably overwhelming. To add on to that, deciding on the subsequent best care for yourself or an older loved one can sometimes feel like an even more daunting process. Many thoughts inevitably run through your head as there are multiple different options lying ahead of you. Do you stay at home and receive a car from a family member, or do you look after your older loved one yourself? Do you hire in-home care? Or do you consider one of the many care homes around?

With all these questions brimming in your mind, we at Minster Care Group are here to reassure you that one of our many care homes can offer the solution you’re looking for. We have a wide range of homes specialising in residential, dementia, nursing, palliative and respite care. Among the many benefits of choosing to put a loved one in a care home, these are a few noteworthy ones:

Benefits of Care Home for Senior Dementia Patients

#1 - Care Around the Clock:

Your loved one will have access to care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in one of our dementia care homes. This means that your loved one will receive around-the-clock care, from trained and dedicated care staff. All our staff have specialist understanding in caring for those with varying levels of dementia.

Care is available to yourself or your loved one any time of day or night and this extends to their full care plans – meals, daily activity and overall well-being. 

#2 - Takes the Heavy Lifting Off You:

Whether an older person decides to live in a dementia care home, or a loved one decides to admit their loved one into a dementia residential care home, the burden associated with planning their care needs, becomes the responsibility of the home.

The trained care staff at our dementia residential care homes will assume the responsibility of planning for the best daily care for the older person with dementia and will take pride in ensuring they get the best quality of life from living in one of our homes.

The stress of having to juggle rotas and upending daily activities to best cater to the care of an older loved one will not be a factor, if your loved one lived in one of our residential dementia homes

#3 - Caring Staff:

Our staff come from a wide range of backgrounds and creeds. But one thing unites them all and that is their dedication to caring for older people with dementia. All our trained staff are highly skilled in dementia care and offer support with various dementia needs, including reminiscence therapy, which has been proven to be highly beneficial for dementia sufferers. 

#4 - Engaging Activity: 

Our homes pride themselves in providing a wide range of engaging activities that both mentally and safely physically stimulate our residents with dementia. These activities are dementia-friendly and are varied to cater for all stages of dementia. Our dedicated activities coordinator is a highly passionate and qualified individual, who oversees the activity provision for all residents at the home and delivers them in a way that puts them at ease to safely enjoy the activity. The delivery of our activities ties into Minster Care Group’s goal of a holistic focus on activity-based care. 

#5 - Social Engagement: 

Living at a dementia residential care home means that an older person is surrounded by other residents and has ample opportunity to meet and mingle with others. As social isolation is one of the causes for the aggravation of dementia symptoms (due to a lack of mental stimulation), engaging with others on a regular basis helps to provide much needed stimulation for the older person suffering from dementia. At our homes, we encourage our residents to positively engage with one another for a happier and healthier life. 

#6 - Facilities:

The facilities at our dementia residential care homes are designed to best cater to the needs of older people with dementia. All of our dementia care homes are purpose-built and each dementia care home also has further individual features that make them uniquely dementia-friendly. For example, erecting dedicated ‘bus stops’ in sections of the care home, or a dementia-friendly sensory room and a dementia-friendly landscaped garden – there is something for everyone at one of our Minster Care Group homes. 

#7 - Food or Meal: 

Living in one of our dementia residential care homes means you can take the guesswork out of preparing meals that are best suited for your older loved one suffering from dementia. As a loved one, you will no longer have to worry about meal planning and assisting with feeding, nor the clean up afterwards. This will be our responsibility, which we will gladly take on. Our meals are cooked to the highest standards and we cater to a wide range of food preferences. Each of our dementia residents receive a dedicated individual meal plan. 

#8 - Cost: 

Caring for a loved one is not a cheap endeavour and there is no sugar-coating this fact. However, on an hour-by-hour cost basis, choosing to place a loved one in a dementia residential care home works out significantly cheaper than having in-home care. And as highlighted in the other points, you get back so much in return. 

#9 - Support for You:

No matter what step of the dementia journey you are on, or you are on with your loved one, our dementia care homes offer you the support that you need. Get in touch with us to find a dementia residential care home near you.

At Minster Care Group’s care homes, we aim to provide all of the above and more for both you and your loved one. We ensure the highest care standards and have an open feedback policy, where you have ample opportunity for us to hear your opinions and suggestions. At Minster Care Group, we believe our staff at all of our homes go above and beyond, to ensure comfort, enjoyment and dignity for your loved one. Contact us at enquiries@minstercaregroup.co.uk.