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My dear wife was admitted as a resident in January this year needing 24 hour care. During the 10 months there she received total care and love. The staff, from management down, gave her the love and care which she needed at all times and my wife knew this. In late October she suffered a massive stroke and never regained consciousness. She was in a palliative state and all staff looked after her with the dignity she deserved. My family cannot praise the staff enough for their kindness.

We chose Abbeywell Court after visiting this and other care homes and based our decision on the welcoming atmosphere that was not present at other care homes and also because of the quality and wider range of knowledge the staff at Abbeywell Court have compared to other care homes where staff are too specialised in one area of care. Also at Abbeywell Court the staff are always around where the residents are and there are plenty of staff at all times. The staff are always willing to talk to residents and visitors. Staff are professional and friendly yet atmosphere remains relaxed at Abbeywell Court. Variety of activities is available.

I visited the home several times each week, and was always made welcome. The home has a good family atmosphere. All the residents appear happy and well cared for. I have often visited at meal times and the meals always looked like good nourishing food. I feel pleased that my friend was able to spend the last few months of her life in the lovely home.

My mum could not have been looked after any better if she had been in a 5 star hotel. We were always made very welcome no matter what time we went we always found her to be very well looked after even on days we were not expected to visit and a member of the family or a friend to meet up, mum always looked well cared for and comfortable, mum had to have her food liquidized due to her condition, nothing was ever too much trouble.

The home provides outstanding care for my brother-in-law. Good management was evident throughout. The staff are well trained and motivated and deliver loving care, in some cases over and above the call of duty. It was a great comfort to know our relative was in such good hands.

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I found the staff really caring and my husband was very contented during his stay. Very much better than a stay in a previous home. It is more like a family environment.


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I would recommend this care home to anyone looking for residential care for their family. My father always looks happy and well cared for. There is always plenty of friendly and helpful staff in attendance. Julie, the care home manager is really friendly and makes you feel at ease and I think she answers your questions honestly and doesn't just say what she thinks you want to hear.

 Robert came to Attlee Court after being in two previous homes. He settled in well and although he was not always an easy person to deal with, the staffs were endlessly calm and competent. I cannot rate them highly enough.

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To all the staff at Broadgate. We know B wasn’t with you long but we would like to thank you for you fantastic care. Her last few weeks, days were treated with the upmost dignity and respect and on behalf of B and her family we thank you all.

I would like to thank all the staff for the wonderful care they gave my mum. They treated her with infinite patience and understanding. The last time I saw mum she looked more peaceful than I had seen her in months. Thank you for that memory. Keep up the good work. I have enclosed a small donation for the new tuck shop. A wonderful idea.  PS The shepherd’s pie was lovely and much appreciated. Ta. Yours SN

To All Staff, Thank you for the excellent care you all gave to B I know he wasn’t an easy person to look after but you did a wonderful job in looking after him! Many thanks B & J xx

To the manager of the Broadgate nursing home

I now feel it’s time to put pen to paper.  So much happened in the ten weeks since my mum was in the Broadgate Care Home.  I can remember coming to visit for the first time with my daughter and brother, and I within a matter of minutes I felt this was the right place for my Mum. The rooms were all lovely, clean and welcoming. We chose a room that looked out into the garden.  We were shown around by Rachel who explained everything and to be honest her conviction and feeling for the place just rubber stamped our decision. What a wonderful, understanding lady.  We told Rachel about mums problems and her many numerous operations she had under gone. Rachel listened to everything and she wasn’t the slightest bit fazed and said “That’s no problem, we can cope with that”. When we left, we felt a whole lot better.  The staff at Broadgate were quite simply amazing, all throughout the weeks mum was there they looked after her day and night, seeing to every need nothing was too much trouble.  This was not an easy task as mum was in a considerable amount of pain, I myself found it hard to sit by my mum and hear her screaming, doctors were at a loss as to know what to do with her as it was nerve pain.  During the last week of mum’s life she was put on a syringe driver and that lasted nearly a week, during this time I didn’t want to leave her.  The staff at Broadgate looked after me so well, I felt like royalty.  They helped me cope with a situation that was no less than a nightmare, offering support, tea and biscuits, they kept me going. I stayed until my mum passed away peacefully on the 25 June.  The love and care at Broadgate will be something that will stay with me for a very long time.


Broadgate House

I just wanted to let you know that my mother who passed away last Friday at Broadgate, was a resident at the care home for 10 months and in that time she received excellent care and attention from all the staff at the home. They were particular attentive and kind to me and my immediate family in the last days of her life, for which we are very grateful. It would to single out any particular member of staff as they were excellent, including ancillary staff, but I must mention M in particular who really goes the extra mile for the residents. Yours sincerely MG

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Dear Mr P, I am writing on behalf of our whole family to let you know how pleased we were with the high standard of care given to our mother, GP, in her twenty months in your Croftwood Care Home at Halton Lodge in Runcorn. Sadly, she passed away on 7th July in her room in Croftwood having received a lot of love and attention from her carers and all of the team at Croftwood. G had lived with me and my wife for 24 years and the prospect of having to agree that she had reached a stage when she needed 24 hour care caused us great angst. We had been living as a family of four since my wife’s mother, May, joined us 13 years ago. The two mums got on very well and we enjoyed the dimension of the extended family. May also became a bit of a character in the care home and received the same degree of affection that G received. Not only did the team take very good care of G, they were also very supportive to our family throughout the 20 months. We visited daily and spent a lot of time in the home and we only witnessed kindness and hard work. We saw a picture of a dedicated team who cared very much for their residents. This was clearly not only about reaching targets; it is about the kind of people in the team. the minster who officiated at mum’s funeral also does a service once a month at Croftwood (I did not know this until we were planning the service). I am sure he will not mind me passing on his view that the people in the team at Croftwood make it a very nice home to be in. During the last two weeks of mum’s life we received exceptional support from the team which enabled us to support our mum to the very end. Your organisation has an excellent team in Croftwood Runcorn. Signed A & A

To Everyone at Croftwood, it is very difficult to put into words how grateful we are for the care you all gave to R, our mother and sister. She was with you for almost 3yrs altogether and we never had a moments doubt that she was receiving the best care. We especially appreciate everything you did for her (and us) in her last days and we are glad she was able to end her life in peaceful and comfortable way. The affection and respect shown to R by all those involved in her care was above and beyond the call of duty. We would like to commend the dignity and professionalism of the staff on duty during R’s final hours. Thank you al so much, with our very best wishes, J and R

Thank you so much for inviting us to the service to remember 20 May, it was a lovely occasion and a lot of thought and preparation had been put into it. We thought the tree idea and the folder of remembrance were very appropriate and L’s words and the readings were very fitting. We enjoyed seeing all of you again and the cakes were delicious. Love and best wishes for the future, J and D

Thank you to all the staff for the care and compassion that you gave to my mother in law HM during her stay with you, God bless you all, D,M,CM

To Croftwood, Thank you for the past 2 weeks and supporting me on my work experience, love from MF

To all the Croftwood angels, career, domestic, kitchen and laundry staff and admin. Thank you all for all the kindness and consideration given, especially after E’s fall. We as a family appreciate all efforts to make her stay as comfortable as possible and say thank you from the bottom of our hearts, sincerely E and family xx

A huge thanks to all at Croftwood who were involved in mums care from the beginning to the end of her time with you.

To all at Croftwood, Thank you very much for taking care of mum/wife M. She couldn’t have been in a better place with such caring people, she loved you all. LA and family

To all at Croftwood, thank you so much for the care you gave to my mum during the short time she spent with yourselves. Also all the hugs they were never unappreciated, thank you for everything. R, M &G

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It really is a pleasure to know someone so thoughtful, and it’s hoped that your kindness will always be returned to you. All B family

To all at Diamond House, words cannot express how I feel, the love and care you have given to my mum and myself cannot be measured. Thanks so much for everything, love C and J

To all the wonderful team at Diamond House, we can’t thank you all enough for everything you did for my mum S. You all showed such kindness and love towards her. Thank you also for the support and friendship you showed to P and I when we most needed it, you really did make a difficult time easier to cope with. We will never forget you all or the kindness we felt. With thanks and love, W, P, V and E xxx

To All the staff, we would like to thank you all for the care and attention you gave A whilst being at Diamond House. Thank you all once again, love, J and family, fond thoughts of you all.

To the Diamond House, Thank you so much for looking after nmy mum, JR, LJA xx

To all staff at Diamond House, thank you so much for making mum and dads Safire anniversary so special. Also for the fabulous tea you put on for us. It made another special day for mum and dad that we were all able to share with them.

I would like to thank each and every member of staff at Diamond House. You looked after my father until he passed away and the care was nothing short of excellent. You cared for him with his dementia with such love which shone through.  A great bunch of caring staff. Thank you so much.  L

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J, I would like to thank you and your staff for the good care given to Mum, O. She was only with you for a short time but it was where she wanted to be. You are so good at your job J, thanks for everything. C

To all the staff at Duncote Hall, thank you for all you did for Dad in his last weeks.  You also made me feel very welcome. Thank you, T

Dear J and team at Duncote Hall.  I just wanted to express our heartfelt gratitude to you all for the kindness and affection you showed my mother R in the time that she was with you. You all meant so much to her and whenever we visited, we always got the full update of what was going on in everyone’s lives it seemed.  I hope you will have some treasured memories of R and remember her with fondness.  Wear her scarves and hats with pride. J and A

To One and All - Thank you for everything you did to make Mum’s final days as comfortable as possible.  Love and Best wishes B and S

Dear All , Just to thank you for the loving care and kindness shown to my Uncle F, during his sadly very brief stay with you.  It is a great comfort to know he was well cared for during his last few weeks. I especially appreciate being able to bring the dog in to see him.  He really loved all animals and used to love the dog’s visits.  Even when it was too much for him to open his eyes to us, he still spent time stroking the dog!  Many thanks.  C

Dear J and All, I would like to thank you all for the loving care than everyone at Duncote Hall showed to S in the short time he was with you.  It was comforting to know that he was well care for in his final days.  Love C

Dear J and all the staff at Duncote Hall.  Thank you all so much for the ‘tender loving care’ shown to my mother D during her stay with you, as well as your professionalism.  Thank you also for your kindness to me, particularly during the past difficult few days.  It was a great comfort to me to know that Mum was in such good hands, and receiving such care and affection, right till the end.  Yours sincerely K


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Nothing is too much trouble for any member of staff for both residents and their families. During my grandma's stay they have all gone far beyond their duty of care to do anything possible to help my Grandma in this difficult time. Every staff member here has shown care, support and kindness 24/7 whether it is 3pm or 3am. I would recommend this care home strongly to potential residents and families, they are amazing for both.

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Despite worrying for many years about moving from her own home to a care home she actually settled in here very quickly. It is situated in a beautiful part of the town, overlooking the Bay of the North Shore. I find the staff to be friendly and welcoming and the senior members to be helpful and efficient.

The staff are caring, friendly and welcoming to visitors and wonderful with the residents.

My mother is well looked after, well fed and as happy as one can expect under the circumstances ie, not in her own home. If she has any problems I am informed of them by phone. I visit her regularly and am always made very welcome by the staff.

I cannot praise the staff enough at Eryl Fryn. My Dad is living there now and the care and attention he receives is amazing. There is a good staff-resident ratio and they are ALL lovely. It is a great weight off our minds to know that Dad is safe and cared for. He has a lovely room (which is always clean and tidy), with a lovely view and it is bright and airy. Sue, the manager, is very attentive and knows exactly what is going on at all times. She is very reassuring. An amazing home.

To assist in ensuring that this home receives the recognition it deserves for having such an excellent and caring environment, the staff and management could not be better.

Hi. My mother MG has been a resident at Eryl Fryn, LLandudno for the past 6 years and sadly died recently. I write this in appreciation of the care she received during her long stay. All of the staff was wonderful with her and she was treated with respect. We were always made very welcome and were kept well informed of her condition and well being. Many thanks to all concerned. PE

My mum is 89 years of age and suffering from dementia and cancer. When she came to Eryl Fryn form hospital she had a pressure sore (grade 4-5) and as mum is bed bound, pressure sores can be a problem, but within weeks of mum coming here her care was so good that the sore cleared up and she has not had any more. Just before mum arrived in October 2013 I was told mum would not live more than two months because she was very frail, but thanks to the very caring and dedicated staff I am pleased to say mum is still with us and doing extremely well. The staff are brilliant, mum is relaxed and comfortable and it's thanks to a brilliant team with much appreciation and gratitude.

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Excellent atmosphere of a home that cares. Caring staff right across the board. Nothing is too much trouble, Regular updates of mothers care and wellbeing.

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Dear F: May I, on behalf of the F family, convey my sincerest thanks  to you and your staff for looking after my mother E, at Freeland House. I would like to compliment all staff on their kindness, consideration and compassion for her whilst she was with you…. In her final days it was comforting to know I was fully appraised and involved in the decisions relating to mums care…. I did not feel like an outsider looking in…All staff showed care and consideration towards me and the rest of the family in these delicate times….Much has been said about the care  of the elderly in care homes. Quite frankly you seem to be light years ahead in some of your thinking and actions. That seems to transmit itself to staff, who were always cheerful and attentive. Thank you so much F family

Dear F and staff: Can I thank you all for the warmth and care that you gave my mother in her final months at your home. Being so dependant after her awful stroke, what she needed most was human contact and friendship, and this she found with the team looking after her. Special thanks to the night staff who dealt with the final moments of mums long but mostly happy life. S family

To all who looked after our mother during her time at Freeland House: we are so grateful for all the care and consideration shown by ALL the staff. We were privileged to be part of your extended family and have felt truly loved and supported by you all…Thank you so much S Family

Dear F: this note is in recognition of the love, care and kindness shown during my mother’s last few months of life. Your staff went out of their way to make her life as happy and comfortable as possible and it was very much appreciated. B family

To F and All the team. Thank you all so much for the care given to G, we were delighted that he was able to be with you.  We know how difficult things were with in his final 2 weeks but he was treated with dignity and compassion and that’s all we could have asked for. Freeland is a wonderful place and anyone who goes there and meets you all can see how much the residents are cared for. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. From JC and family

To everyone at Freeland House. Thank you so very much for taking care of MF over the last 3 months. You made her feel most welcome and helped her settle in much more quickly than we had expected. Thank you also for the care you have given her in the last week when she needed it so much. We could not have asked for a more sensitive and supportive team of nurses and carers. Thank you to all staff. Kind regards A and E 

To F and all the team at Freeland House. S and I would like to say thank you so much for making the last days of my Dads life as happy as they could be. Although he wasn’t at Freeland long he was so much happier than being in hospital and seemed very happy to be there. He was very complimentary of all the team and felt very well cared for which was obviously great comfort to S and I. Thank you, C and S N

Dear Mr P, for three months my husband was looked after in Freeland House until his death in March 2014. My purpose in writing to you is to tell you what very good service and support my husband and I received from the staff there. The decision to put him into Freeland House was made only after much deliberation and anxiety when he became too ill for me to continue to care for him at home. (I had looked after him as he became progressively worse for about 11 years) As you may image I was not happy at his going into a nursing home. However from the moment F, came in to assess him through his admission and until his death we had courteous, sympathetic and inclusive service. Everyone did their best to keep his as comfortable as possible, even though this wasn’t easy. I felt able I could speak with anyone at any time and to know that I would receive straight forward sensible answer. I was made to feel “at home” whenever I visited which was every day and always felt welcome. I want you to know that your staff at Freeland House from the Manger throughout works very hard and deserve credit for all the effort and high quality service that they give to the jobs they do. I would certainly recommend Freeland House Nursing Home highly to anyone who asked me for advice. Yours sincerely HW 

Dear Manager. I visited your home at Freeland today to see three residents with Parkinson’s disease. I would like to express how lovely my experience was. The home was immaculately clean especially in the areas I visited; your staff were polite and caring. Whoever I asked about a resident, they all knew the answer and if they didn’t would go out of their way to find out. C (RN) who I have had a lot of contact with over the past year or so, was very welcoming and knew all about each of the residents in her care without having to refer to notes, files etc… She was very helpful. I just had a sense that people were generally very happy there. It certainly did not feel like a nursing home on first impression when you walked in. It was a very relaxing place (Im sure mornings are probably hectic, but I arrived at 10.30 and it was very calm and most people were up and dressed). I don’t usually feedback on visits, but I was most impressed here today and I felt this needed highlighting. Regards Jo Bromley Team Leader / Neurology Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Dear Staff and residents at Freeland House

I just want to tell you how much you’ve all meant to Mum (M) and myself you will be missed for all your kindness and care ad even in difficult situations you’ve been fantastic, just those little chats and thoughtful kind touches meant so much. I think that Freeland House is blessed with amazingly good staff and some lovely residents; I thank you all so much. In fact you do such a wonderful job that your caring is sometimes just taken for granted, not by us! It’s a great skill to give a happy home people at a time when their lives are sometimes are restricted by frailty and ill health. Mum and I very much enjoyed our Saturday art sessions and would like to give something back by a way of a donation to purchase extra equipment and maybe some towards a tickle pink theatre production, another great favourite. Thank you all, G.C and families

Dear F,

May we thank you all so much for the kindness and caring support you gave to S whilst she was living at Freeland House. G and I really appreciate the care and concern you all showed and we know you helped to make her final couple of years peaceful and calm, with our particular appreciation to E and K. Best wishes, G and S

Dear F, despite the inevitable sense of sadness and loss at the passing of our mother M, it was an enormous comfort to know that in the short time she was with you she benefited from the loving care she received during her stay. You and your excellent team tended her last weeks, days and hours, with every thoughtful action. We gift the reclining chair belonging to M, to Freeland House where others will benefit from its use. We are certain that mother would be very happy with our decision which goes some way to show our great appreciation for everything you and your nurses and staff have done for us. We have been privileged indeed and thank you so much. With kind regards G

I write this note in sincere thanks for all the care, professionalism and sheer dedication you and your team showed our parent R and F.F during their stay at Freeland. The compassion and friendship they were shown by every member of staff we met was truly inspiring. Even when times were difficult with illness, etc. everyone pulled together. Even the most inexperienced of staff seemed to show warmth and care both to them and visiting relatives. The approach you take at Freeland seems very enlightened, and at this time when we hear often bad reports of elderly care, I am so glad mum and dad spent their last days with you at Freeland. Clearly we do hope they are together again in the hereafter, but for the last thirteen months, it was a pleasure to meet with you all and many, many thanks for all your services, warmest regards, B.F

Dear F, Last September my father, D.S on a trolley in the John Radcliffe Hospital we were under great pressure to find a bed for him in a nursing home. He moved to Freeland House within 48 hours of our initial enquiry made possible by the flexibility and willingness of yourself and your staff to accommodate not just my father but also his electrically operated bed and armchair. He was in poor health when he arrived but your staff worked really hard to manage his needs and his physical health improved as a result. He constantly praised your staff and said that they never made him feel that he was being a nuisance to them and always treated him with respect and maintained his dignity in difficult circumstances. If there was any concern or if he fell unwell then one of his family would always receive a phone call to update us on his situation. Any concerns about his condition and any action to be taken were always discussed with a member of the family in a most kind and considerate way. We really believe that the staff who looked after him had a genuine concern for dad which went beyond their duty. They genuinely cared. During the last week of his life they not only did everything they could to help him and make him comfortable but they were a very great support to all the family during what was such a distressing time for us all. Please do tell them and them this letter so that they realise that the work that they do which is so often undervalued is so appreciated by the residents and their families. Yours sincerely, S.W,A.W, M.S and family

Dear F and staff. Freeland House is much more than an imposing 19th century building in beautiful grounds, now smoothly run as a care home. In the short 6 months W stayed with you Freeland House soon became his real home, a place where he could be himself, where nurses and carers and support staff treat each resident with loving respect and tender watch care. Mentioning this to members of staff I got the reply more than once “Well, we are all one big family here and you’re a part of it” and so it felt to me I was charmed by laughter of staff among themselves at break time and shift change. A happy house with happy staff. The friendliness and hospitality towards my family, friends and myself could not be bettered. Our heartfelt thanks for this and in particular for the wonderful kindness and support to W and all of us received during his last days. Thank you F, M A, M L and all your colleagues. Kindest regards, H

J and I are very grateful to you all for all you have done for my parents and latterly my father. You have some wonderful staff in all areas of work at Freeland and they have been unfailingly kind, patient, cheerful and hardworking. It was so reassuring to J and I that my father was in a safe environment, a lovely room and beautiful surroundings and that he was so sympathetically cared for. I felt very privileged to be able to help in the garden and I’m sorry we shall miss the completion of the new conservatory and patio area. With many thanks, AF

We would like to call in to Freeland in the spring and thank you and the staff personally but until then we say “Thank you” from the bottom of our hearts for all the kindness shown to P.  We regard Freeland very highly and is run by excellent staff.

Dear F just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone at Freeland House for the lovely day we had. It was clear everybody involved had worked so hard to make the day such a success. I haven’t seen mum so happy and animated for a long time. I think she’ll be talking about the carriage ride for a long time! Thank you for taking the time to make the ride possible for her, best wishes, KM

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My wife and I both have our mums in Grays Court. We are impressed with the level of care, the cleanliness and the consideration to residents and relatives. Nothing is too much trouble and they make it very homely. Always refreshments available, food very good and snacks including fruit. There are activities, days out, birthday parties, summer fêtes and a Christmas Bazaar. When weather permits the residents are encouraged to go out into the garden. Professional attitudes.

Dear Sir or Madam AT Grays Court Residential Care Home . Myself and my family would like to thank the staff in particular A, L, A and A, and other staff at Grays Court for caring for my mum J H in her final weeks. Sadly she would love to have stayed long term but it was not meant to be. The staff showered my mum with love, compassion and respect. They cared for her every need and respected her dignity.  This was not confined to her; we observed a very caring and professional treatment of all the residents. We notice a big change in my mum’s health, she laughed again and grew stronger and enabled her to be herself with the help and care of the staff. They always made us the family welcome and we looked forward to seeing the staff on our visits to see our mum. The staff had a great sense of humour and you could tell that the residents are happy there. I would again like to take this opportunity to thank you on behalf my family and my mum. Kind Regards S and B G Family x

My mum stayed at Grays Court and we noticed a great change in her, we got our dear mum/nan back. She laughed more, ate well and good variety of food and we noticed great improvement in her, especially getting around more independently. Her room was really lovely and clean and she was able to personalise it with her own things. The staff team there are so caring and nothing seems too much trouble for the resident or their families. They made my mum feel so special and individual. They kept contact with us and if mum become unwell kept us updated. I cannot recommend the staff enough. They had loads of activities including arts and crafts and entertainment. My mum loved it there and wanted to be a permanent resident. Sadly my mum passed away it was not meant to be but my mum loved it there and the staff. We used to come away from our visits knowing that mum was happy and safe. All the family feel that Grays court made my mum's final weeks happy and on one of our last visits there we heard my mum have a really good belly laugh which had not seen for quite some time. Thank you so much to all the staff at Grays Court.

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Dear Team, I would just like to let you know what a lovely visit myself, P and eldest daughter E had with Mum (JF) today. She remembered her trip out on Thursday and was able to tell us everything about it, the journey there, the boat trip itself, all the changing of the colours of the trees etc. How kind everyone was and caring towards her.


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Dear P, I would like to say how well you and the rest of the staff at Ideal Home look after my sister JB. When she left The Elms, a psychiatric ward in the community I was very apprehensive and felt sure she would not get the care and understanding a person who has suffered with schizophrenia since her teenage years. Fortunately for her and me she found a place at Ideal Home where staff have knowledge and experience of people with mental health issues, and I think that so far with someone with her condition can ever said to be happy, she is happy there.  I always feel listened to when I talk to the staff and they are very responsive to the comments or suggestions I might make. During the past couple of years J has had several chest infections and no time has been wasted in getting doctors opinions or hospital treatment for which I am extremely grateful to all staff.   I am very pleased that J will sometimes, however briefly will join in with activities. That is so much more than she did when she was hospitalised, which is sad considering that before the onset, of here illness she was studious and interested in so many thing s. I like the homely atmosphere at I deal Home. It is always nice and warm too. During one of J’s illnesses the doctor who visited while I was there told me Ideal Home was his favourable home. He probably sees lots. You are always pleasant and cheerful. Kind regards, S Mc D

Back in September 2013 when it became necessary for A to become resident in a residential home it was an extremely worrying time for us as we were unaware where and to what home A would eventually end up. Fortunately it was to Ideal Home in Shrewsbury, which is a pleasant and safe environment where we know A is well looked after and cared for 24hrs a day. This gives us peace of mind to know that A is being well looked after all of the time and now this is even more important as her health deteriorates further. The staff are always most welcoming and are able to reassure us about A’s welfare when we visit. The cup of tea and biscuits we are offered, and enjoy are a great idea as it gives A the continuity of a semblance of normality as we would have always of had some sort of refreshments when we used to visit her at her own home previously. The other part that Ideal Home always manages very successfully is to make sure that A is clean and her clothes are fresh each day. The time, care and patience with which the staff deal with all the residents is very reassuring for us to see whenever we visit. Despite it not being her own home A knows that her room is her new ‘home ‘and enjoys the fact that she can choose between  amongst some of the other residents when she is encouraged to join in with the group activates (bingo) or to stay quite in her own room if she prefers. The choice of food is a good idea, even if A has sometimes forgotten what she has requested by the time it arrives. Also the staff have been most supportive though the continuing visits to hospitals for x-rays, clinic appointments etc. Thank you, M

Dear P, I would like to thank you and all the staff for the care which you provided looking after our mother. At any time we feel we can approach you with our concerns and D has also helped u with financial advice. The staff you have got in the main room are always taking care of residents and involving them with different activities and are never left without supervision which make me feel the safety of the residents is high priority. Your senior staff always keeps us up to date with any changes or issues with my mother’s care. You have a great team, thank you again, J and C

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I am contacting you with regards to Lakelands Care home in Wigan, what an absolutely outstanding care home. Lakelands are exemplary in their care standards and are an absolute credit to your company. My grandmother has been receiving respite there for the past 3weeks and we cannot fault it in anyway. I had to find the home via the internet as I live in Hertfordshire so we did in effect a blind taste test, to say I was nervous would be an understatement but I cannot express how much reassurance we have had as a family entrusting our lovely grandma to your care. Having been a home manager for the last 10yrs I do understand the importance of a well-balanced, well trained, caring, empowering staff team is needed to maintain a high level of care and Lakelands certainly has achieved this, our grandmas respite is up for to review this coming week and we are hoping she will make her stay a permanent one, but it is her decision, but I just felt it proper to congratulate you and hope you extend our congratulations to the care team at Lakelands, we have a lot of bad press re care homes I’m delighted to be the one giving you a good press, I am also sending a review of Lakelands to CQC, as I feel credit where credit is due. Once again well done and my most sincerest gratitude for taking such good care of our lovely Gran, AC

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Dear Sirs, my Father F, was a resident at Littleport Grange for the last 60 days of his long life of 96 years. I would like to record my thanks and appreciation for the care and attention he received at this time of life from the dedicated team of carers. The passion, attentive, dignified support they administrated helped the transition of a very independent capable man during his best phase of life. Thank you and your teams very much for the support they gave me, yours sincerely B

Dear K,

P and I would like to say thank you. J and each and every one of your staff for the way you all looked after R. The care and understanding that you’ve all shown is absolutely incredible, and we as her family realise how lucky we are that she is now living at Littleport Grange. The atmosphere you have created not only makes R feels that she belongs but extends to us as well. As soon as we arrive we know that we are welcome and part of R’s home. You and J should be very proud of the way Littleport Grange is operates and of the fantastic team that you have. Nothing is too much trouble for anyone and we really do appreciate this. And as R keeps telling everyone who visits its not like a home at all, more like a hotel. Once again, many thanks, P and K.W

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Letter from a resident’s family, they have sent a copy of it to the Prime Minister and Jeremy Hunt, Health Secretary. Dear Prime Minister, I am writing to you in praise of Loxley Hall, Lower Robin Hood Lane, Helsby, Cheshire.  It is the care home where my mother in law, E, resided for the past thirteen years until her sad demise last Thursday.  E had Multiple Sclerosis for thirty five years and senile dementia at the end of her life. In the light of media coverage of poorly run care homes, I would like to take this opportunity to let you know of Loxley Hall, which, in my opinion must be classed as one of the finest in the country.

The most important aspect of a care home is the staff who run it. These people at Loxley are exemplary.  They work tirelessly for their residents; nothing is too much trouble for them.  They work very hard to keep the home clean and tidy. It is warm and inviting and the families and friends of residents are treated with the same kindnesses as the residents themselves. My mother in law was a very straight talking lady with strong opinions and a very clear view of life and people.  The staff were often berated for their efforts, but they loved her, genuinely and she is sorely missed. E was rather difficult to please but our family knew that she was happier at Loxley Hall than anywhere she had lived.  She was in care for twenty years and in that time lived at three care homes. Every time any of our family visited E, we were welcomed with open arms and we felt a large part of the loving and caring family atmosphere which exuded from the home.  E’s last weeks were very difficult for us all and the staff were genuinely saddened when she passed away. From the nurses to the kitchen staff, cleaners, the manager and the office staff – all of them are shining examples of how a nursing home should be run.  I cannot praise these people enough. I write to you to let you know that there are very good homes out there with genuinely good, caring people within their portals; it is a shame that only the poorest and worst of them are given air time on television, radio and social media. Many thanks for your time and all good wishes to you. Yours faithfully, P A L

My mother in law resided at Loxley Hall for thirteen years and received exemplary care and genuine love. I cannot recommend the home highly enough. I have sent a letter of praise to the Prime Minister and the Minister for Health because good care homes are rarely mentioned. A good care home is only as good and caring as the staff who run it. Well done and thank you.

Since my mum became a resident three years ago, she has been treated with nothing but respect, kindness and individual care. The home's environment is clean and homely and Mum's room is light and airy and a place she is content to be in. There are activities that she can join in with, but her own timetable and preferences are respected. Me and my family feel very welcome whatever time we visit.

Dear All, N and I should like to thank you for looking after Dad, A. Your care, attention and thoughtfulness were superb and very much appreciated. We miss him very much but you helped us through the upsetting time.  We cannot speak highly enough of you. Kind regards C & N

To ALL the staff , Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support, warmth and care of our dear R. Arriving as a very poorly lady, with not a great deal of interest in life, you quite miraculously brought her back to life.We have our back and we will never, ever forget your friendship and support to R and to us. You will always be there in the fondest of our memories. Thank you so much everyone, V and R

Dear M and W, Just wanted to say a huge, heart-felt thank you for all you have done for Mum. I remember clearly how she was when you welcomed her to Loxley and how she has grown in health and confidence and mostly in the love for life once again. You have been very kind to mum and she is a different person for the care and love you provide. Sincere wishes for the future, God bless, C

Dear D, D, J and night nurses, Thank you so much for all the care, love and support you have given mum. I know she has had her ups and downs and knowing you have been there for her has meant a lot. Thank you for your words of encouragement and being there for her to talk to. Sincere best wishes for the future and many thanks, C x

Dear All, I can’t even begin to express how much I thank you all for your kindness, warmth and friendship towards mum.  She is a different person from the day she went to Loxley and I thank you all for helping her, caring for her and being there for her. Most of all, I thank you for your friendship and listening to her.  You are a wonderful and special team! Much love, C

To All the Staff and Residents at Loxley Hall, Thank you for making us feel so welcome on our placement here.  We have really enjoyed it and hope that we were of use. Lots of love, H and K

Hello to everyone working at Loxley A-M and I would like to thank you all for your devotion to my mother J and for giving her such good care over the past 18 months. Enclosed is a contribution to a Staff party from J x Lots of love R and A-M

To our lovely second family, Thank you so much for the love and care that you gave to Dad. The last two years have been very difficult for us as a family but you have made it easier for us by giving us your love and support too Dad loved gardening so we hope you like the gifts that we have bought in memory of him for your Friendship Garden. With love and thanks From P, S, K, P and families, PS – we will keep popping in to see you all!

My Father-in-law had spent four months in a hospital bed before transferring to Loxley Hall by ambulance. I met him on his arrival along with the nursing staff. They made him very comfortable in his room and helped him settle in to which was going to be his final home. Although he had multiple problems the sister in charge explained they would shower and dress him and would take him into the lounge where he spent many happy hours with the entertainment team. They made sure his hearing aids worked and were put in correctly. The enthusiasm and energy shown from all was inspiring. During his final weeks we were kept informed, they also made sure dignity and integrity was maintained. Loxley is very service focused, with excellent quality of care to all residents.

WOW!!!! Mum has been in this nursing home now for 3 weeks, puts all other care homes to shame!! Carers are absolutely fantastic each and every one of them, I walk away totally at ease my mum is in good hands as does my family! Carers cannot do enough to make my mum comfortable and happy!! Outstanding!!!

It was an excellent service – kind and thoughtful staff with good medical backing. It just seemed well run. To do this requires a high skill level, the home has it. Regards NS

All the staff at Loxley Hall. I’d like to thank you all for making our dear friend A’s final year as comfortable as possible, he felt very safe. Our thanks for all your care, great team! Yours sincerely, J and ID

Dear All, we would like to say a huge thank you to everyone at Loxley hall for the support and care you gave to E P and I last week. We were so impressed with absolutely everyone we met, who throughout E’s short stay showed such a caring and compassionate approach to end life care. We are truly grateful that E was in such capable hands during her brief stay at Loxley Hall. With heartfelt thanks, P & PT

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My mother, A, became a resident at Mowbray in June this year. I would like to congratulate everyone who works at the home for the excellent level of care that my mother receives.  She likes all the staff and they all treat her with kindness and have high regard for her personal dignity and wellbeing. Nursing elderly people in the last phase of their lives is a difficult job and I feel that everyone at the home needs to know how much they are appreciated by my mother and me. The staff is at all times very busy but they always have time for a smile and a cheery word. All the senior nursing staff are highly approachable, very professional, competent and caring, always being eager to ensure that patients do not suffer discomfort and in particular H, who at this time has the extra workload of being Acting Home Manager, but that does not stop her from putting the residents first. Please ensure that everyone at Mowbray knows that I at least recognise that they are doing a terrific job. With good wishes, P

 Dear J. I just wanted to say thank you for all you did for mum and me whilst she stayed at Mowbray, particularly during her last week and final hours with us. For being there with me at the end, for encouraging me to talk to mum and for allowing me, giving me permission to let go. Thank you for having and creating such a wonderful caring environment you and your team are wonderful. Best wishes, love A. 

To all staff at Mowbray Nursing Home. I have finally gathered my thoughts together and all of you at Mowbray rank highly amongst them. Thank you so very much for looking after my beautiful mum for the final twenty months of her long life. You did far more than look after her and provide for her needs.  You respected her dignity; you showed compassion and made her feel secure and most important of all you gave her love. It was the extra little things that you did for her that meant so much to mum and to me.  For example, you made sure that her top co-ordinated with her skirt, you put her jewellery on for her, you put lipstick and nail polish on her, all of which she loved because she always had been an elegant lady. You comforted her when she was upset about the death of my father who she had adored, and all this, you did with a cheerful smile. I know that yours is a very difficult job, one that not many of us would be able to do and the financial rewards are not exciting either, but, you must find great satisfaction in doing your individual jobs so well and knowing that you have made a huge difference to the final stages of life for such vulnerable people. I have no hesitation in recommending Mowbray as a Nursing Home of the highest order. Once again, many, many heartfelt thanks, Sincerely P

To J, H and staff, thank you so much for the wonderful care you gave C in the last 2 years. Although she never wanted to be in a home, we know she felt well looked after until the end. Also, V and H would like to say a big thank you for the support you gave them. We will both miss our little chats, best wishes,  V, L and H xxx

To J, K and all the staff, thank you for everything, what you did for C while she was with you at the home, lots of love, H and P xxx

The family of F, wish to thank H and all the staff for all their kindness, consideration and care given to F and her family during her short stay at Mowbray, from, J, C, and all the family of F

To all you hard working caring folks! When I think of my mother JH, I think of all you who care for her and am grateful that I had the chance to get to know most of you while “home” from the States Thank you all that you do, CJ

To all staff at Mowbray, words alone cannot express our gratitude for the warm welcome, safe haven and tender loving care you showed by all of you to all of us, lots of love from D and her family.

To everyone at Mowbray, thank you so much for the care you gave to my mum while she was with you. I would like to say that whenever we visited we were greeted with warm smiles, offers of a cup of team. Whenever we asked how mum was, we never had to say who she was you all knew. The last week was made much easier for us all by the support you gave us as a family. Mowbray is a beautiful and caring home; we are so pleased we found you. Thank you for everything, J, C and family

On my return to the States in late August, after mother was sent to Mowbray, a friend asked me how I liked the home she was in.  My response was "I flew home totally at peace with where she is.  The staff are brilliant, caring and, in sitting with mother in the day lounge for two weeks, I saw different members of the staff taking time to pop in, stroke someone's hair , comment on how lovely a person looked, etc., what more could a family member ask for?" My feelings were reinforced at Christmas when my husband and I were there.  Our son was in England on business from California, and he came up to Malvern one evening to visit his grandmother. The staff very kindly put mother in the other lounge so the four of us could have a more private visit; no expression of frustration on the staff's part to manage that. I know its hard work, physically and emotionally, for the staff, and I am most appreciative for the care that mother gets.  It’s not an easy task working with multi-personalities, having assorted physical and mental issues, but everyone remains cheerful and is most helpful (well they have been to me, anyway!). I look forward to seeing everyone in April, and having two weeks with mother. CJ

To all the staff Thank you all for looking after my mother for the past 3 years and making them enjoyable. K, S and Family

Sincere and Heartfelt thanks to all the staff for the love and care given to B during his time with you. From P, G, M and C

To Management and staff at Mowbray, I would like to express my appreciation of the welcome I always get on visiting and of the general happy atmosphere there is at Mowbray, M M

To J and all the staff at Mowbray, Thank you for making our Diamond Anniversary so special, With love from J and P

To H and Team, A big thank you to you all for the care and love you gave to mum whilst in your lovely home. Heartfelt thanks and gratitude, J and D

To the Manager and all the staff, Thank you for making P birthday special and thank you all for the care and kindness today and everyday. From J and P

To all the staff, We would just like to thank you all for the kindness and love you showed our mum during her time here; please enjoy a chocolate or two and think of her! Love from all the B and B and their children

To J, H and all the loving staff, Words alone cannot express our gratitude for the warm welcome; safe haven and tender loving care shown by all of you to all of us. Love from D and her family

To all the dear staff at Mowbray, Thank you so much for the care you gave my mum and me; for the respectful; quiet; professional way you all looked after us. For the smiles and your love; your welcoming home; lovely food; endless cups of coffee and hot water! I know that mum was a difficult lady and I sure found her a challenge most of my adult life but at the end you all helped me to realise that she was still my mum and offered me the quiet comfort I needed so that I felt able to be with mum during her last week. Taking the name tags out of her clothes was a big help in the grief process though it felt strange it definitely helped. I know from my nursing career that watching and dealing with family relationships can be a tricky path to tread but you were all wonderful. May God bless you all love from A

K and S would like to thank all the staff at Mowbray for their contributions of help with B’s 90th. We would also like to thank you all for making her life so happy and worthwhile all year round S & K

Dear all, We send this note to thank you most kindly for the care you gave Dad whilst he was with you for two weeks. All of the staff were most friendly and helpful and their care second to none. He loved his food too. Best wishes from N Y; I his daughter

To the staff at Mowbray; just to say a big thank you; for making C. K‘s 94th Birthday special and the lovely food it was most enjoyable the cake was beautiful it made his day. Many thanks C’s Family

To all the staff at Mowbray; somehow just saying thank you doesn’t seem like enough. But we hope you know how much your thoughtfulness has meant to us for looking after our mother JJ.

To all the staff Thank you for everything you did for my mother while she was with you at the home Lots of love H and P

Dear all H; A; and I would like to thank you for the wonderful care H has received these past 2 weeks. Your kindness; cheerfulness and encouragement has worked wonders; as also the good food Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts H; A and J

Everyone I cannot thank you enough for caring for my mother; JH I head home to Atlanta sad that I am leaving but have the peace of mind that you all are kind; caring folk that watch over all the residents with patience ( how do you do it) and with a sense of humour and love. Thank you; thank you. It has been a pleasure being in the pleasure being in the day lounge with everyone and I will miss the madness and mayhem  all the best C J

To all the staff at Mowbray Thank you for all the care and kindness in R’s last months, Kind regards S & G 2015

To The Doctors; Nurses; Cooks and all the staff at Mowbray. Thank you for the care and hospitality during my stay. I could never thank you all enough I wish you all good health and happiness. Former Patient MF 2015

To all the staff at Mowbray, Thank you for all the care and support you have shown to PL with love and best wishes from C;E;S and family xxx   2015

To all in Mowbray Nursing Home Just a little note to say thank you so much With lots of love and prayers C       2015

Thank you for the kindness and consideration you gave to our Mum and Dad very grateful H;C and G x  Nov 2015

One year on. To the managers and staff I would like to express my sincere thanks for the excellent care that you have all taken of my dear wife H yours sincerely  EP xx   Nov 2015

To all the staff of Mowbray Just to thank everyone for the care and kindness and willingness to do their best for me while I have had a prolonged stay to recover from an ankle injury. Keep up the good work BW Nov 2015

To all the staff at Mowbray; K and I want to thank you all SO much for all the love and fun and care you gave to B. You became her family and you helped her to retain her sense of humour. She was always very happy to be there with you. Thank you God Bless you all. S Nov 2015

To J and all the staff. Thank you for all the excellent care and attention you afford to my mother each and every day. Thanks for making dad feel so welcome too – it means the world to all of us. Best wishes N P Dec 15. I cannot even find the words to thank you all for the wonderful care you gave to my mum OB; Hita I will never forget your kindness; Julie; Julia; Ruth; Jean; Cath; Stella; Jackie; Andrew; Laura and every single one of you who were there for mum the last 2 years; you are amazing people. Lots & lots of love to all from LB and Pippin (Dog) xxxxxxxx

To all of you at Mowbray. I can’t thank you enough for taking care of “Mumblie”” as I told Hita the other day as sad as it is for me to be so far away. I have peace in knowing that my mum is here. You all are so kind and caring. I know it’s not easy. Thank you; thank you sent with love CJ

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My mother recently became a resident in the newly founded Mulberry Manor Care Home in Swinton, South Yorkshire. Although there are only a handful of residents in at present the care my mother is receiving is second to none. In the first week they have sorted out all her medications - previously whilst in hospital she appeared to have just been sedated - she is a new woman - no longer just sat but actually joining in with activities etc. The staff are absolutely on the ball regarding dementia and treat my mother with the respect and dignity that she deserves, always allowing her to make her own choices wherever appropriate. Nothing is too much trouble for any member of the Mulberry Manor Team.. Food - wow what a pleasant experience, the cook makes an amazing array of home cooked meals and baking galore, choices in abundance. I cannot express how lovely this care home is and am proud to say my mother was one of the first residents to benefit from JF (care home manager) watchful eye and her staff. A real home from home. Thank You

I really want to recommend the staff at Mulberry Manor for the care and compassion shown to my mother during her stay here. The care she received was absolutely second to none. The food is very well prepared, all home cooked with numerous choices. The laundry lady ensures clothing; bedding etc. is wonderfully fresh and clean and always comes back to the correct resident. In a nutshell Mulberry Manor staff excels in their care and devotion to the residents. It is lovely and clean throughout. Nothing is too much trouble. If my mother’s health was a problem the GP was called straight away, medical observations taken regular and when my mother was at her end of life we were safe in the knowledge that the staff were taking the utmost care to keep my mum pain free and calling in the necessary people to advise i.e. Macmillan, dignity & respect was maintained at all times. As a family we cannot recommend Mulberry Manor enough. Many thanks.

I would like to place on record the care and attention that K gave both the patient and myself. She was professional, maintained the patient’s dignity, was kind, caring and compassionate and could not do enough to help. I was very impressed that this lady had such a remarkable work ethic and attitude, bearing in mind also that it was the end of a twelve hour shift, she was polite and reasoning and just really lovely. PR - Testimonial from paramedic – Yorkshire Ambulance Service

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Dear M, Thank you so much for all your wonderful help and support over the last few months. You truly have been the “other” women in our lives over the past year and D can’t sing your praises highly enough! Apart from being compassionate you are also, so truly organised, and always so approachable and cheerful! The home is so lucky to have you! We wish you well for the future. Love J and D

Management and staff at Sovereign House
I would like to express my eternal gratitude you all for the wonderful care and love that you gave to my late mother O over the past 3 yrs. Some of you may not know O came to Sovereign House from hospital palliative. I fully expected her to only be with you for a few short weeks, its testament to your excellent skills, care and love that mum lived almost 3 years longer than expected. I promise you all no one else will ever convince me otherwise. I’m sure in her world she was happy and if able she would have thanked you a million times over for the care you gave her. Keep up the good work, many thanks and much love, RM

Sovereign House, Dear C, My mum has been with you now at Sovereign House for just over 18 months. I felt appropriate to write to you to share my feelings and joy at the care she has had and continues to receive. Back in 2014 I viewed several homes but came back to Sovereign House. I am so pleased I did. My hopes, wishes and prayers have been answered through the care she is receiving in all ways – and this is demonstrated by mum’s simple but contented life. It is a please to visit here at the home, her home. Your teams gives me comfort that my mum is in safe hands and perhaps part of “an extended family” Thank you to you and all your team for looking after mum. God bless you all, NL

To all the staff at Sovereign House. Words are powerless to express my gratitude. How can I thanks you for the way in which you have cared for my Mother MG, she came to you for respite care from September 2015 and returned back home on the 29th March 2016, it was so important to me and my family that my Mother was in such a caring environment with high standards of care ‘you delivered this’ so thank you. My Mother has had so much fun with all the events/entertainment/prayer meetings/quiz days/pet day/ sing along days, there are too many events to mention. I t has made such a difference in my Mothers recovery her going to the lounge every day and being entertained, she will miss your events Pauline / Suki what a fantastic job you both do so thank you both, I will also miss your events as I have enjoyed your entertainment. Thank you all, your kindness will never be forgotten. Best wishes to each and every one.

My mother has been resident at Sovereign House for some 2 and half years. Upon her arrival from hospital, she was very poorly and probably not expected to live for long. Due to appropriate social and nursing care, Mum is alert and as contented as one can be when not in one’s own home. I am happy that my family and I chose Sovereign House as the place to care for my mother, having visited and discounted several other care homes in the Coventry area. I have no hesitation in recommending this 'home' as a suitable place for residential care. DB

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Very caring and friendly staff. My father is very happy here and we as a family have peace of mind that he is well cared for.

My 96 year old mother has been a resident in Stansty Care Home for the past 18 months. Before Stansty she was in another care home in the Wrexham area for about 18 months, but she had to move out of there because they were going to deal with more dementia cases. However it was a thing to be, because my mum is now cared for much better, in a much nicer environment, with much nicer caring staff, and I have much satisfaction to know she is in safe hands. My mum is self-funding.

After months and months of being an inpatient at Wrexham Maelor Hospital mother was fortunate to obtain a residency at Stansty House. The care she has received from the staff means all our family can say a massive thank you because mother is still with us at the bright young age of 86, mother is adored by the staff.

Very caring and friendly staff. My father is very happy here and we as a family have peace of mind that he is well cared for.

I would like to say that I found the Staff at Stansty House wonderful with my Mother. Mum has been a Resident there now for 2 years and she is doing wonderfully in their care. They are always easy to talk to and you can hear how much they care about my mum when I call them on the phone. They treat my mum like a person, not simply a patient and I am so glad she is there because I know she is being well looked after. Thank you Stansty House.

Impressed with the dramatic difference from previous care home where my father was a resident. Staff are much more friendly and approachable and communication is first class. Especially in comparison to the care he received in hospital and in the previous home. Nursing care is excellent and much better.

I'm very happy here; I would and have recommended this care home.

I have lived here for nine years very comfortably and would strongly recommend to others.

My Mum has been a resident in Nursing Care at Stansty House for the past two and a half years, she was in a care home in the Wrexham area for 20 months before having to move to Stansty House. How glad I am that she moved as the care at Stansty is second to none, the staff are all so dedicated and respectful to all the residents and having seen some terrible things on T.V that happen to the vulnerable elderly makes me feel so grateful she is in such a wonderful place. My mum is now 97 years old.

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Approachable manager, friendly staff who care for their patients as individuals. One activity lady and occasional mini bus outings. Large modern dining and sitting room on the ground floor, light, bright. Two sitting rooms and dining room on the first floor. Large windows and views of countryside. it was a vicarage and has extensive grounds. There is a huge patio used when the sun shines.

My father suffered from dementia during the last part of his life. My mother found this somehow shameful and through her insistence that he be sent back to his home after frequent visits to hospital, he suffered indignities and pain that were totally unnecessary. Once he was admitted to the Meadows his condition improved, he put on weight and he began to smile. His care at the Meadows was consistently kind, gentle and heartfelt. The care extended to my mother, and she also felt welcome and special when visiting my father at the Meadows. The tears when he died and at his funeral was genuine and testament to the personal cares that he was given. I have no hesitation in recommending the Meadows, the staff and nursing care, they were all brilliant.


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Excellent care for my 93 year old mother. Her health has improved since she arrived, and she loves the food. The professional caring atmosphere is well managed by S M, and the staff are very kind to my mother. R K


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To all at Thorley House, on behalf of myself and my family I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for the amazing care and support you offered my mum EB during her many years at Thorley House. In particular I cannot praise the efforts and consideration offered by all of the team involved in the day to day running of Thorley House from the domestic staff to management. During the last few months my family and I are grateful for the kindness, love and support offered to my mum as well as to our family during a very difficult and emotional time. All staff were there to offer a hand, hug and plentiful supply of tea and coffee, nothing was too much trouble! As a family we are impressed by the level of care and support that you offered to my mum as a resident as well as to our family during the last few weeks of my mum’s life, there are not enough words to express our gratitude and appreciation. Thank you for all your hard work and for going above and beyond! AC

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We (my brothers and I) were reluctant to place our mother in a care home, but circumstances beyond our control helped us make the decision. The reason why we are so happy with "Three Elms" is because mum never complains, always happy when we see her and is never upset when we leave. She loves the food and if ever they have anything to tell us, they telephone straight away. Our mother has dementia and has been in "Three Elms" since February 2011. She is 91 and other than memory ok. We can only recommend this care home from our own experiences. We have been to visit all times, different days and everything is spot on.

To L and all of the staff and carers at Three Elms residential home. Thanks you for the compassionate care and kindness provided to LW during her years with you. You provided a caring and loving environment for which we the family will always be grateful. D, D & the family

Message from Care Assessor
Dear All. I will be moving on to a new company and therefore will not be assessing at Three Elms again. I wish to thank everyone for all your kindness, hospitality, help and support shown at every visit. You all should be proud of the standard of care that is delivered at Three Elms. I visit quite a lot of care homes and in my opinion, yours is the best...the level of care and support I have witnessed is excellent, never mind the quality of the food, which again is the best I have seen and tasted! It’s nice to know these things and you should all be proud. I wish you all the best for the future, with special thanks to K, P and L and all the learners.. Kind regards J


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Having both parents together with Dementia and Alzheimer's and trying to find somewhere where they could be together, we found Waterside. After a month of visiting various homes this one was absolutely fantastic. At the time it had only been open for two weeks but, at last, no carpets, laminated floors, which meant no nasty smells. My sister came the following day to look the place over, and once Mum and Dad were assessed, they were eventually re-united after being in two separate homes for a month. We could not fault the care, the food, the layout of the home. After 18 months Dad unfortunately had a major stroke. We did not want him to go to hospital. The nursing and care staff were wonderful right up to his death. I could visit any time of the day or night, I was in constant touch with home again 24 hours a day. Mum then died 3 years later, again she had a major stroke, was quite poorly and bed ridden for 12 weeks. Again Mum's care was exceptional right up to her death. After 12 weeks confined to her bed, Mum had no bed sores, her skin was exceptional. When Mum passed the staff were very considerate and met our needs. Three carers returned to the home and sat with myself and my husband in Mum's room, drinking and just talking about Mum, whilst we waited for the undertaker to arrive at midnight. Now in my mind you cannot buy that type of care. The support and care provided were excellent. We would like to express our gratitude to the Senior Management Team for the financial advice and support given to enable our parents to live at Waterside. Given the bad press many care homes receive we have been both very grateful and very impressed with every experience we have had with staff at Waterside and with Minster Care Management over the past four years. We simply cannot thank them enough.

Dear J, A personal thank you from me and my family to you and all of your staff, so caring and dedicated.  I feel quite humble knowing how much was done for my dear P, especially in his last few days – the caring and comfort he received will help me to come to terms with his loss in my life. My thanks seem inadequate. Most sincerely expressed E

Copy of letter to CQC Inspector, M B
Dear Mrs B, I wanted to write to you personally to ensure that my comments, with regard to the above care home, were actually read and noted. My husband, DB, who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease had been in care for 3 ½ years, at different care homes.  For the last 6 weeks of his life, he was cared for at Waterside.  The care he received on Redwing can only be described as outstanding mere money couldn’t have bought the care he was given : it came from the heart of each and everyone of the nurses and carers who came in contact with him. I stayed with my husband day and night, for the last 5 days of his life.  He was treated with such gentleness, care and respect and I shall never forget how kind the staff were.  On a wider note, I saw how staff interacted and cared for other residents, whose behaviour could be challenging at times.  Waterside is a real home.  A safe haven for those no longer able to live in the wider world. I’m so very glad D was able to spend the last few weeks of his life at Waterside.  I know he got the best care possible. Finding a good care home for a loved one, a home you can have confidence in when you are not there, can seem really difficult.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Waterside, Redwing to anyone. Yours sincerely Mrs C E B

Dear J & everyone at Waterside, I know S has written her appreciation of your care for her Dad, but I wish to thank you again for your care of O. I thank you for the flowers from Waterside too; it continued the feeling that it was his family, where he spent his last years. I valued your care of me, and in the last days, the family and friends were welcomed and supplied with cups of tea and coffee. Waterside has gone from strength to strength, and I will continue to promote its reputation as a special home, with love, care, good food, and a happy and safe environment where residents are treated as whole people, with respect, courtesy and love. In due course, a share of the collection, in memory of O, will be coming to the Waterside residents’ fund. I hope to see you soon. From V, With love x God Bless

Dear J, I’m just writing to thank you and all the staff at Waterside for the excellent care given to M during the short time she spent with you. M had always been adamant that she would not go into a care home, and I was quite worried about whether she would settle at Waterside, but the staff quickly made her feel welcome, and this helped her to adjust quite quickly.  After several years of loneliness and self-neglect, it was good to see her warm and comfortable, and for a time she seemed to improve and to be enjoying life again and the company of staff and residents at the home. We were really impressed with your staff, who were so kind and patient with M throughout and especially in the last couple of weeks, and also very supportive to us as relatives.  We would like to say a particular thank you to C and K, with whom we had a lot of contact, and who were always so helpful in answering our queries and responding to any concerns. We are glad we chose Waterside and we think M was really well cared for in the last weeks of her life. Thank you again. Yours sincerely, R


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To J and Staff. Thank you so much for looking after Dad for his respite care. We really appreciate all your thoughtfulness and care, we could rest assured knowing he was in good hands and was safe. Thank you from D, G, M and Emily

Dear J, I wanted to say a special individual thank you to you for everything you have done for both my dad and my mum, both as a carer and in more recent times as a manager. You have always made me feel I could approach you with any concerns and have always responded professionally and promptly. Woodlands is lucky to have you and you have high standards. In all the times I have visited over the last 3 years or so I have never seen any resident treated with disrespect or lack of dignity and the warmth shown by the staff is genuine and sincere. I also want to thank you for all your help on the day of the funeral. I can't tell you how touched I was by all you did. It will be strange not to be visiting at the weekends now and I shall miss the welcome, not only from you all -but from so many of the residents I have come to know as well. Thanks again, With Love Gx

To all the staff at Woodlands, Thank you so much for all the care given to both my Dad and my Mum during the time both have been at Woodlands.  They came in Dec 2009 when it became clear they could no longer manage to live safely in their own home. For me, the relief of knowing they were safe and being well looked after cannot be over estimated. Since my Dad died in Dec 2010, Mum continued to be content and settled and I have lost count of the times she told me how well looked after she felt.  She was always appreciative of everything done for her and never had a complaint or a moan. Thank you all. with love G and family.

The feeling generated at Woodlands is outstanding, you feel you are entering a family home. The Staff treat each person as an individual, and make residents feel important in the day to day running of the home. My brother like all other residents was treated with the utmost care and respect. We also as family visitors will never forget the courtesy and lashings of tea and sandwiches made for us by the Kitchen Staff, at all hours of day and night. As a visitor you are encouraged to join in and meet other residents and become a member of the Woodlands family. I am so grateful that my brother had the good fortune to be find a place there, and recommend to anyone. M (Sister of Resident)

To all staff. Thank you so much for looking after dad. You are a fantastic bunch, who show time, dedication and care. You’re the best. Thanks again. D, G, M and E.

Just a note to thank you all for the care you gave J. The family really appreciate all you did for her, it was also nice to see so many staff attend Jenny’s funeral. Thank you all A, L, F and Family x

To all the staff at Woodlands Court. Thank you for the loving care and support you have provided to S S and his family during his stay at the home, and especially through his last weeks, days and hours. Love from G (Brother) and family xxx

To all the staff at Woodlands Court. We would like to thank you all, for all your help and care you gave to mum over the last five and a half years. We couldn’t have coped without the respite care you all helped with. Especially for the last six weeks when mum became permanent.  For all the support you gave us on the day she passed away (Especially A). From G, J, L, S, D and family xxx

To J, M, J, M, S and all the staff at Woodlands. On Behalf of Mum (A W) a huge thank you to you all for your kindness, gentleness and expertise in caring for dad in his final weeks of life.  Your constant support to A and ourselves have helped us cope during a very difficult time. We cannot praise you enough. Kindest Regards The W Family X

I’d like to give praise, where praise is due, to the compassion, attitude and care that was given to Mrs T. during her visit to our outpatient clinic, was extemporary.

To Jeanette and all the staff at Woodlands Court. Thankyou for looking after mum (JC) whilst in your care.  From D, C and Family xxx

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