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Mowbray Events

Mowbray Events 2016

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  • Sara Hurley Chief Dental Officer presented the very first Accredited ‘Oral Health & Hygiene Practice’ awards as part of a NHS England funded pilot ‘Oral Health Care Champions’ programme for the Nursing and Care home sector.
  • Jackie Box was presented the first of the new Level 3 Award in ‘Oral Health & Hygiene Practice’ on 11th August 2016


  • A lot happened this month with the Queen’s Birthday along with our very special residents celebrating theirs.
  • Yet again we had our famous Garden Fete which took place on the 24th, we raised a staggering £278.00 for the residents fund; a huge thank you again.
  • Resident celebrates his birthday with Great Grand Children

Summer Fete


Cilla came over from America to see her mother J; it’s always a delight when she comes to visit; Cilla you are a breath of sunshine that graces our home. We Celebrated National Activities Day on the 7th; National Nurses Day on the 12th and National carers Day on the 16th. On the 25th Jennie and Rita came in to sing enjoyed by all and on the 26th Residents sat out in the Garden for afternoon. The usual Church Service took place along with the resident/relatives meeting and visits from our hairdresser.


Residents and Staff got involved in the Grand National. Plenty of activities took place throughout the month.


  • We celebrated St David’s Day and Mother’s day at the home. Cheltenham Races are on this week and many love to watch this on the T.V. We are now looking forward St Patricks Day (Guinness in order); we are also having an Easter raffle and table top sale; donations welcomed; all money raised will go to the resident’s fund.
  • Chocolate Easter Eggs are already purchased for the residents (and stored away safely); the Easter Cake is being made by the chef and I am going to do something special for the children that visit so they can also have a chocolate treat. There is a special Easter Service that will take place on the 21st and Entertainment coming into the home on the 24th.
  • I am also pleased to say that the first ever Quaker Meeting was held here at Mowbray on the 13th with members of the public joining several of our clients in the quiet Lounge; this was a great success and will become a regular meeting place.
  • Well I will sign off for now; but I am extremely pleased to inform you that Hita is back at work after her operation and is doing well; I would like to thank you all; for your concerns; good wishes and support shown over the last couple of months; both Hita and I are pleased that all normal duties have been resumed especially me (Phew). Happy Easter from us all


The residents made paper doves for Valentine’s Day; these were displayed in the lounge suspended from the ceiling and lights; I think Bobbie the budgie quite liked having them around; all be it temporary. Our garden is certainly full of flowers including roses and the buds and blossom are out on the trees. We certainly enjoyed Pancake Day and Gladys showing us her tossing techniques. We wore Jeans for Gene’s day to raise money for this worthy cause.


Come and gone so quickly; the home certainly looked bare when the seasonal decorations came down. Normal services resumed after all the festivities and following a meeting with the residents a new 4 week menu was introduced which now includes Duck amongst other cuisines. We have had the usually Church service; Hairdresser visits; entertainers and birthday celebrations held within the home. We hope that 2016 finds you all in good health for the coming year. 

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Mowbray fun in December!


Bonfire went off with a bang too cold for the residents to be outside but they were all positioned to see the fireworks through the windows at the front of Mowbray. Our own lovely Guy Fawkes who spent the day with us; was wheeled around the home and was allowed to sit in the hallway – he certainly got photographed by a lot of visitors to the home. Some photos of the fireworks display the residents liked them. The staff on duty enjoyed doing sparkler displays for the residents.

Remembrance Day was marked with respect by everyone here at Mowbray; it was time to reflect and remember those who have and continue to serve our country in conflict and to those who sadly lost their lives. We also paid respect to those who lost their lives in Paris following the terrorist attack and for those who have suffered injuries whether they are physical or mental from the carnage of that terrible night.

We received another large Pumpkin from my son Lloyd; free of charge from a Local National Trust Estate where he works; nothing nicer than local home grown produce and was certainly enjoyed by everyone; John made some beautiful Pumpkin Soup.

Chris Augustine RGN has left to move down to Devon; it was an emotional farewell as it has been an absolute pleasure to have worked alongside Chris we will miss her greatly along with her lovely smile; but we wish her well. We have two new RGN’s on board Jillian Fox and Jean Millsom who both have a wealth of experience within the Care Sector.

Mowbray Christmas card



Strawberries growing here at Mowbray; it is unbelievable; and the garden is still in bloom and finally the leaves are changing on the trees

Resident and his daughter out for Lunch in the Cotswolds celebrating her Birthday



  • Entertainment was thoroughly enjoyed by our residents; so wonderful to hear them singing along
  • Resident Birthday
  • Residents enjoying the sun



English Symphony Orchestra visited on the 24th afternoon Tea and Scones were served; unfortunately the weather let us down and the concert had to be inside; everyone thoroughly enjoyed the music and acoustics which was a get success.


Lovely Feedback received

Dear Julie and Jackie

Thank you so much for completing the Feedback Form in such detail.  I look forward to hearing Jackie’s DVD feedback once she returns from annual leave.

As I said before, we just loved visiting your home – such a ‘family’ atmosphere and such dedicated and caring staff.   I can really appreciate how you’ve won so many awards!

In copying in Corinne and Stephen, I’m passing on your thanks to them as well.  Corinne, as Jackie knows, is local to the area (unlike Stephen, who comes from Essex) and I know that she loves performing, and improvising, in Care Homes, so I know she won’t mind if I suggest that you get in touch with her, should you wish to book her on a more regular basis.

It’s lovely to hear that our work makes such a difference to residents and staff alike – it makes everything so worthwhile!  And when a concert ends with residents getting up to dance, it doesn’t get much better than that!! 

Very best wishes,

Mary Stevens
Concerts in Care Homes Coordinator
Producer ‘Music to Lift the Spirit’ DVD
Project Leader, DVD for Dementia Appeal


Mowbray fete 20 June

Although we had to dodge the short sharp showers on Saturday; when the sun shined it was a scorcher. We would like to say a huge thank you for all those who donated and gave up their time to help make the afternoon a success. None of this would have been possible without Jackie Box who not only worked tirelessly to create the event but also inspirational in her planning; she is a total legend. We would like to thank Jackie’s family who gave up their day to support her and the home without them none of this would have happened and on behalf of the Residents and Management we are eternally grateful.

Grand Total made: £285.00 for the benefit of the Residents


Resident’s birthdays


May was a very special time for us; to honour those who fought in the war and to remember those who lost their life’s for the Country; we marked the 75th Anniversary of V.E day on the 8th May with decorations; entertainment and a display in the hallway of War Time Memorabilia. Radio 5 contacted the family of one of residents who is only one of four survivors alive today who was a POW in Korea ; what a privilege it is to hear A retell the horrific  ordeals him and his fellow comrades endured I can only say it’s very humbling to be part of his life today. C, has been busy planted flowers at the front of the house with help from his family.



Spring as sprung at Mowbray and Malvern is in blossom; one of our residents has been busy planting flowers out the front of the home; he is a keen gardener and used to have over 80 hanging baskets dotted around his home he shared with his late wife; along with the greenhouses and fruit garden . Easter Bunnies (Chocolate kind) and an Easter card were given to all the residents from the home which was warmly received by them all. A couple celebrated 64 years of marriage joined by their daughter. The beautiful Sunflowers and Lilies and card were kindly presented to us for the care given to their mother. Raffle underway to raise money for the residents fund and a sweep stake for the Grand National is running for this weekend.


  • 10th Raffle & Angela’s Birthday
  • 11th Grand National Day
  • 13th Debbie Hairdresser from 9.00 – 5.00
  • 17th Bingo/Games
  • 18th Sue’s Birthday
  • 20th Holy Communion
  • 22nd Singing Afternoon
  • 23rd d St Georges Day and Resident/Relatives Meeting
  • 26th Arthurs Birthday
  • 27th Debbie Hairdresser & Church Service
  • 29th Sing-a-Long afternoon


We witnessed the eclipse can only apologise for the photos; only had a mobile phone and no special glasses so the shots are not brilliant. Andrew Lancett is an “I Care Ambassador” – working within the community to promote the Care Sector this is a great opportunity and we are extremely delighted that he was chosen by ACT.



Valentine’s Day was marked with beautiful Heart shaped cakes decorated with cream and Strawberries made by Mary the Chef for afternoon tea. Outside entertainers have been amusing the residents.



Finally Trevor finished the jigsaw puzzle with the help of staff and residents – worthy of a photograph.


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