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My wife and I both have our mums in Grays Court. We are impressed with the level of care, the cleanliness and the consideration to residents and relatives. Nothing is too much trouble and they make it very homely. Always refreshments available, food very good and snacks including fruit. There are activities, days out, birthday parties, summer fêtes and a Christmas Bazaar. When weather permits the residents are encouraged to go out into the garden. Professional attitudes.

Dear Sir or Madam AT Grays Court Residential Care Home . Myself and my family would like to thank the staff in particular A, L, A and A, and other staff at Grays Court for caring for my mum J H in her final weeks. Sadly she would love to have stayed long term but it was not meant to be. The staff showered my mum with love, compassion and respect. They cared for her every need and respected her dignity.  This was not confined to her; we observed a very caring and professional treatment of all the residents. We notice a big change in my mum’s health, she laughed again and grew stronger and enabled her to be herself with the help and care of the staff. They always made us the family welcome and we looked forward to seeing the staff on our visits to see our mum. The staff had a great sense of humour and you could tell that the residents are happy there. I would again like to take this opportunity to thank you on behalf my family and my mum. Kind Regards S and B G Family x

My mum stayed at Grays Court and we noticed a great change in her, we got our dear mum/nan back. She laughed more, ate well and good variety of food and we noticed great improvement in her, especially getting around more independently. Her room was really lovely and clean and she was able to personalise it with her own things. The staff team there are so caring and nothing seems too much trouble for the resident or their families. They made my mum feel so special and individual. They kept contact with us and if mum become unwell kept us updated. I cannot recommend the staff enough. They had loads of activities including arts and crafts and entertainment. My mum loved it there and wanted to be a permanent resident. Sadly my mum passed away it was not meant to be but my mum loved it there and the staff. We used to come away from our visits knowing that mum was happy and safe. All the family feel that Grays court made my mum's final weeks happy and on one of our last visits there we heard my mum have a really good belly laugh which had not seen for quite some time. Thank you so much to all the staff at Grays Court.

We would like to commend all the Staff at Grays Court within the Seashore Unit, for the care, compassion and dedication they have shown my mother-in-law SM. Our family have spent the last two years in a living hell with regards to finding the correct care for S, this is now her 3rd placement and we all are astounded at the stark comparison from the two previous homes she has lived at during the past two years. The staff in Seashore Unit have made her welcome and I am pleased to say that she has settled in superbly which, we can only put down to all your members of staff. We used to dread going to visit S, as to what sort of state we would find her in! Now it’s a pleasure to visit. She is always clean, bathed and wearing her own attire. This may sound strange to you but please rest assured this was never the case at the previous homes and we were continuously being told that this is normal for dementia residents. After S falling and sustaining a broken hip not to mention all the previous incidents, and the appealing condition she arrived at Southend Hospital we felt we had no alternative but to move her, Thank heavens we did and it clearly has high lighting the many failings of the previous care homes. Our only regret is that we didn't move her sooner. Two often people make the effort to log a complaint, yet fail to drop a line when good work is being done.  Myself and all family members would highly recommend Grays Court to anyone that is seeking residential care for their loved ones. As previously stated your staff are doing a tremendous job and we would be grateful if you could please pass our thanks on to them. From myself and all members of S’s family we would like to say a very big Thank you Kind regards K and SM

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