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Choosing your home

What to look for when you visit a care home

It is a difficult and emotional time when it comes to looking for a care home for you or a loved one.  It is important to contact your Local Authority or Social Worker to get a list of homes in your area. You can go and view the homes to decide which home is appropriate for the individual going into care.

The best person to talk to is the Home Manager and you may also spend some time talking with the residents and their relatives to find out if this is the right home that meets your needs. Whilst at the home you can also check the following:

  • Are you happy with the welcome that you received?
  • Is the environment including the communal areas and bedrooms suitable for your needs?
  • Are your specific care needs able to be adequately provided for? Minster Care Group care home
  • Are you able to fit in with the existing community within the home?
  • Is the home in the right location for you or your relatives to make regular visits?
  • Is the home easily accessible by public transport?
  • Are there shops and other facilities nearby?
  • Can the home accommodate your religious beliefs and ethnic interests?
  • Are mealtimes enjoyable and fun – ask the home if you can try the food?
  • Can my dietary requirements be met?
  • Is there a wide range of activities to keep you active and involved?
  • Does the home’s philosophy promote your desired level of independence?
  • Can you furnish your room with your own belongings?
  • Make sure you read the last CQC inspection report and ask any questions you feel are appropriate to the Home Manager

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