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"We are your home from home"
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Quality Control

Within each home, the support team is led by a qualified and experienced manager. We support our staff through effective management, training opportunities and career progression.

Our commitment to providing our employees with appropriate training ensures that our service users are always looked after by experienced and well trained care professionals, who understand the needs of each individual. All of our homes are regularly rated by external inspectors and inspection reports are available for each of our homes.

Minster Care Group provides support to staff and ensure they complete their training plans. This in turn ensures that full training records are kept. In addition, all staff undergo regular reviews, where they are able to discuss future training needs and requirements to fulfill their roles within the home.

Our property team continually reviews and upgrades our homes to ensure the accommodation is maintained to a high standard and is appropriate for the needs of service users.

When a service user is admitted to one of our homes, we work with the service user and their relatives, friends or representatives to draw up a person centered care plan. We work as a team to ensure that the plan is based on the needs of the individual and that it is regularly reviewed by all parties.

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