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"We are your home from home"
Our Mission statement

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Our services

Minster Care Group has a clear and simple aim: to provide person centred care in partnership with older people. We believe that people who choose to live with us should be at the centre of everything we do and that they should make decisions about their own care.

At the heart of our approach is the desire to give people maximum choice and enable them to lead full and independent lives.

We will always seek to:

  • Be sensitive to the needs of individual residents;
  • Maximise each person’s independence;
  • Plan services in partnership around the needs of the person;
  • Overcome any difficulties;
  • Recognise the potential in everybody;
  • Offer training and support to all staff.

We expect all of our staff to respect the individuality of every Service User, to be committed to the quality of life of older people and be committed to our approach to care.

We will always:

  • Be kind, considerate and courteous to all;
  • Develop an understanding of each person as an individual;
  • Listen and consult with individuals at all times;
  • Give consideration to social and family networks;
  • Respect the privacy and dignity of everyone;
  • Respect everyone’s rights and citizenship.

In order to realise the standards of care we aspire to, we have a Service Users’ Charter that describes the standards and quality of service that you should expect to receive.

As a Service User, you will be:

  • Involved in all decision making about your care, support and finances
  • Offered choice and control in all that you do
  • Encouraged to live a lifestyle that is familiar, comfortable and safe
  • Encouraged to explore and maintain your skills, abilities and interests
  • Offered the opportunity to express your beliefs

Residents' Charter

It is intended that the range of services provided here will enable you to go on living a fulfilling life, despite any restrictions brought about by ill health or the ageing process. The staff will support you to retain your individuality; this means that you can expect to:

  • Be consulted about the care and support you need and plan it in partnership with staff;
  • Have reasonable access to all information held about you;
  • Be able to participate in regular reviews of your life plan;
  • Have your affairs dealt with confidentially and your privacy respected;
  • Always be treated with kindness, courtesy and respect;
  • Be able to receive visitors at any reasonable time;
  • Have opportunities to fulfil your spiritual needs and to follow the religion or belief of your choice;
  • Receive medical and nursing care in private;
  • Be provided with comfortable and clean accommodation;
  • Bring personal items into the Home – subject to them being safe;
  • Bring your pet with you, as long we believe that appropriate and acceptable arrangements can be made for it’s care and it doesn’t adversely affect other persons;
  • Be cared for by properly trained staff;
  • Be safeguarded from discrimination on any grounds whether it be age, disability, gender, sexuality, race, language or religion
  • Have opportunities to fulfil your emotional and social needs;
  • Be able to comment freely on, or complain about any aspect of the services provided, through informal or formal channels;
  • Be kept safe from unwanted or unplanned risk;
  • Participate fully in all aspects of citizenship, including the political process;
  • Be involved in all decision making about your care, support and finances;
  • Be offered choice and control in all that you do;
  • Be encouraged to live a lifestyle that is familiar, comfortable and safe;
  • Be encouraged to explore and maintain your skills, abilities and interests

Whilst supporting you in promoting the above it is expected that residents also refrain from all acts of a discriminatory nature.

We believe that you should be genuinely able to influence the way in which your care is delivered and the way services and facilities are provided. We are committed to consulting with residents and will actively seek feedback from you about the operation of the Home.

We will do this in a number of ways, including the use of anonymous satisfaction questionnaires, which will seek your views about how we are delivering services. Results of this consultation with you will be regularly published and made available to current and prospective Residents.